Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Tomorrow sometimes never comes...

I haven't turned my personal computer on for three days and I've barely commented or read any posts in that time. The last two nights I've come home from work and simply sat and read my kindle, I've been too exhausted to do anything else.

Before work and during lunch breaks I've been too busy to read posts - I feel like the world has been spinning and I've missed out on what's been happening with everyone.

Today was even worse because our Project Administrator was absent with a sick child and I believe I must have walked at least a thousand miles today over three floors of the building.

I arrived at work early this morning and the lifts weren't working (our building is less than 12 months old, yet this occurs quite regularly) I took the stairs up two levels to start my morning.

My next challenge - our wireless connections were down. Our whole system which we're presenting this week is being presented on laptop computers in training rooms with wireless connectivity, so this wasn't what I needed to hear first thing this morning.

My first task was locating additional cabling to ensure server connection to laptops. Luckily the wireless came good in a short space of time.

Today, every single creative bone in my body has turned to mush. Sloppy uninspiring mush.

Tonight I read Louise's post called 'Moments of quiet make a difference' and she's talking about missing her meditation sessions in the morning. Her words spoke to me because I know I'm not getting enough moments of quiet in my life and there's so many things which I plan to do tomorrow.

As I wrote in the comments on her post, eventually tomorrow will no longer come. I need to start making time to do those things today, not tomorrow. Something eventually has to give, because again as Louise says 'you can't get back time'.

So that said, I'm going to take my creative-less bones off to bed, because for now - tomorrow is another day and my body needs some much needed rest.

If you had no constraints (money, time etc) what is the one small thing you would make a part of your every day routine because it helps you be a better you?

Cheers, Fi


  1. Thanks for mentioning my blog Fi -- and after your day, I'd be heading off to bed too! wow --all I can suggest.... Breathe. And then, breathe some more! Hugs

  2. I know how you feel because I have been working on a series of work projects that even include my weekends and I feel like I'll never catch up in blog world! How I wish we could call time to our order. That said, your compaqny should immediately replace with a much more reliable and secure wired network, Cat6, saying why..just saying ; )

    Oh! And I would go roller skating: )

  3. If I had the money I would get a massage every day, for relaxation and to keep my body from getting knotted up


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