Sunday, July 29, 2012

The week that was... was a busy, crazy, well orchestrated week and thankfully it's now all over and done with.

Yesterday was also busy and today was all about house cleaning, food shopping and clothes washing. When is a weekend ever just a weekend for me? Tonight I sit and finally have time to scan through some emails and some blog posts and throw a few words of my own on the page.

Apologies if I've been a little neglectful of any emails or comments that you've sent or made. This week coming a number of our project team including the Project Director and Project Manager are all in Queensland - what that means for me, is peace and quiet and a few days to catch my breath and get back on top of things.

Last night I had a dream which I've only now had a chance to read the meaning of, I couldn't resist sharing the meaning because as far as these things go, this one had me recognising the irony of the meaning.

I dreamt that my boss (the Project Director) had bought me a handcrafted aquarium and because I know you're dying to know the meaning of that dream, here it is "You may feel that your life is going nowhere or that you feel it is going in circles. Alternatively, the aquarium may indicate that you need to calm down and set some time for yourself to relax and unwind"  

Either, or - both dreams kind of fit me at the moment.

Now, how do you know when one of your babies is growing up - when that said son and his girlfriend come home with a new queensize bed to put in his room, in our house. Yes he asked first and yes she stays here several nights every week, but this kinda makes it a little more real. This is probably also one of the dumbest sentences I've ever written.

I'm a new age thinking mum who wears old lady pants sometimes - I can't help it. The reality is in this day and age, if you think they're not doing it you're kidding yourself and if you think preventing it in your own home will prevent it happening, then you're also kidding yourself. Safer under your own roof is our belief.

I had my grandson on Friday night and my hubby who tells his mates that he's only a step grandpa continues to amuse me with his delight in this 'step grandson' of his. The reality is my hubby's actions speak way louder than his words. Who is it who pulls said child out of cot after he's been put to bed and is a little whingey, to then sit cuddled up on the lounge to eat chocolate icecream? Certainly not me.

Who also plays peek-a-boo at 5am in the morning when grandson (who has a cold and wasn't feeling too well) comes into bed with us and Nani is trying to get him back to sleep. Cold little hands slapping 'grandpa' as he tries to sleep and also as he tries to pull 'grandpas' tattoos off is enough to warm my nani's heart for a long time to come, especially the amusement and 'don't worry' comments which accompany these activities.

Step grandpa my butt. Blood relations don't matter a hoot, it's the love behind the actions which count. Blood doesn't necessarily make you a caring relative either.

I think this 'step grandpa' will have an adoring little shadow in the months to come. Our little man is so close to walking as well, which will be cute to see. Little man toddling around after grandpa. I can't wait.

Hope you've all had a relaxing week

Cheers, Fi


  1. Grandpas of all kinds are so cool! My dad and my oldest daughter were sitting at dinner texting each other last night. It was hilarious to watch my dad enjoy something that is a part of my daughter's life. He has a new name given by Andrea, too, G-Pa. I can't wait to see pictures of the little guy toddling around after his (step) grandpa!

  2. I just feel better now about my middle daughter spending every night with her boyfriend at his parents house : ) Being 'step' Grandpa just makes it that much sweeter. I have a feeling it will be just plain Grandpa when the little one calls him by name.


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