Wednesday, July 4, 2012

I did a bad, bad thing...

Last night I contributed a weeks wages to the South Australian Police Force - well almost a weeks worth. To say I'm annoyed would be an understatement, let's say pissed off instead.

Perfectly charming police officer - not - pulled me over on my long trek home from work last night with the words "Do you know why we've pulled you over" - I honestly didn't and said so. As a rule I don't speed, I don't drive like a reckless idiot - so I had no idea why he was pulling me over.

He asked me the same question again, like I had stupid flashing on my forehead and needed him to spell it out. I hate arrogant police officers (not that this annoying habit is limited to police officers) His next words "You ran a stop sign" nearly made me spit. I was barely able to resist the urge to say "Bullshit", but I think he got my point that I wasn't happy with his reason.

He then re-thought his words and came up with "You failed to come to a full and complete stop at a stop sign" which is a little different to "You ran a stop sign". I did in actual fact give way to any oncoming traffic (there was none) at what I thought was a give way sign and not a stop sign. But that's semantics and he informed me that he would have to write me a ticket.


His lecture on why I should drive more carefully and how it's their job to ensure the public don't cause accidents was a little over the top. My frustration was growing with every word and I told him so. I have a perfectly clean and free driving record with no mark against it for the last 20 years, I told him that his little computer would have shown him that when he checked my license.

He told me that they couldn't be shown to be favouring anyone. Oh doh, I wasn't asking you to, you moron, I accept the fact that I had stuffed up, but spare me the lecture on dangerous and reckless driving. Like I'm a public menace for gods sake.

I drove off with my nice fat little fine in my hand - all $433 dollars of it and the loss of 3 demerit points from my license.

I did drive home with my old lady pants on after that and I came to a full and complete stop at every stop sign, red light and even give way sign on my way home.

I hate messing up and I hate it costing me money even more. What have you messed up lately?

Cheers, Fi


  1. Oh, Fi, that stinks! I'm sorry.

    We all mess up, some of us probably on a daily basis. It does suck when it costs us money.

    1. Yeah this was definitely an expensive stuff up

  2. wow! that's expensive! ouch is right!

    sorry to hear that -- here, if you go to court, the likelihood of the fine being cut in half and the demerits being dropped is really high.....

    1. I wish it worked that way here, it's a case of you do the crime you do the time (or wear the punishment)

  3. Ohh this bites. I got pulled over a few weeks ago going 42 in a 35 at 11 at night on my way home, no traffic...Luckily I have a clean record and the cop was nice about it. I am sorry you got a ticket! That is a hefty price too. Here in the US if you at least show up to court they typically drop it down quite a bit. Maybe you can do that but bite your they may increase it.


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