Sunday, July 8, 2012

Living a classified life

Some days are those kinda days when you just want to say 'Can you stop the world spinning just for a minute, I want to get off'

The last few weeks I've felt that if I don't keep my feet moving then it's going to be much like stopping on a moving treadmill and I'm going face plant the ground. There seems to be so many things going on and so much to keep track of that I'm exhausted.

My last month has seemed a bit like the classifieds section in the newspaper - births, deaths (no marriages at least) and plenty of craziness in and around it all. When I write it like that, it's a little bit wierd and the more I think about it the odder it sounds..

Two baby girls have come into the world in the last month. Friends of ours had a baby girl on the 19th June - 34 weeks and 3 days into the pregnancy. Yesterday my brother and sister-in-law had a baby girl exactly the same number of days into the pregnancy. Both mums had problems prior to these pregnancies. These were hard fought for pregnancies.

In addition, two people we know left this earth within the last month, not close to us but their loss has impacted big on loved ones. Both of them were male, both aged 40 years old, both had two young children and both were sudden deaths of men much too young to die.

Life can sometimes be so bizarre that it's hard not to be a little stunned by the events and happenings and the tragic or amazing circumstances which surround us each and every day.
I'm a little bit of a believer, okay I'm a lot of a believer in fate and synchronicity, but boy it's kinda exhausting as well.

On top of all that, I'm not even sure how to explain my job at the moment - only to say that the craziness fills in the gaps within my classified section life. How do you explain being a part of what resembles an unscripted movie where the characters and roles keep changing and no-one really knows what their role in the movie is.

We have plenty of divas, quite a few villains and a whole lot of action and drama. We're aiming for a box office hit and yet some days I worry that we're making the movie 'Titanic'. It's just really hard to play your part when the script keeps changing.

If I keep saying it often enough then soon I'll start believing it - I'm in charge of my destiny and only I can rewrite my script, I need to be aiming for best selling status and not just the settling for the classifieds section of life. Although I will admit the births section is a lot of feel happy moments.

Cheers, Fi


  1. Hang in there Fi! I have found lately that when life gets really hectic and strange there is something new and fun right around the corner.

    1. Karen - you inspire me constantly with your positive attitude - I'm hanging in there

  2. yes -- hang in there! The only way through chaos is to go through it! And the only way to the other side of chaos is... through it! :)


  3. You nailed it right here: "I'm in charge of my destiny and only I can rewrite my script, I need to be aiming for best selling status and not just the settling for the classifieds section of life." BUT dont be so hard on yourself. It takes time, you will get there but you probably should slow down a bit too to recharge, clear the air a bit, breath. (That sounds funny coming from me). I just agree or give the advice, but dont take it/use it. LOL. No really, just keep on keeping on doing what you can to reach for that goal, your dream. In due time. The masterpiece will all come together. Did you read my post today re a collegue of mine who is taking off on a cross country dirt bike trip...When I heard about that I was impressed, just taking life by the horns and going for it. Obviously I know we can not all be so brazen but, sure does give us something to think about.

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