Sunday, July 15, 2012

My oversized wish list

I'm not a patient person, in fact I hate having to wait for anything. My very clever hubby and children bought me the best gift in the world for Mothers Day because it removes any need for patience - or so I thought.

I read extensively, anything and everything. It calms, relaxes and balances me. I also love learning and I go a little stir crazy if I don't read regularly. With my amazing Mothers Day Kindle (e-book reader for anyone not in the know yet).

I can read about a recommended book online and then hook into Amazon and having it spinning through Whispernet and within my grasp within a matter of seconds.

No waiting for a bookstore to open (and aren't they getting few and far between) and no having to wait for the book to arrive by snail mail from half way around the world.

Modern technology - how I worship and love thee.

To think how archaic my thinking was only mere months ago when I thought that e-books would never take off. Eating my words, whilst I'll always be a convert for paper and the smell and feel of a paper book, the ease and instant gratification that e-books provide will win out most times.

I'm sure our parents thought television would never take off either ....mmmhhmmmm

I now have 6 books sitting on my wishlist on Amazon, the reason for this being that because I initially downloaded so many e-books, I was losing track of what I had and hadn't read. So now I'm back to having to be patient and pace my downloads and consequently there's a wishlist back log which is growing quicker than I can read.

My Kindle holds 3000 books, so I can continue on for a little while.

One more thing which I read today - an article in the Sunday Mail (I've searched everywhere so that I could try and share with you but to no avail) In essence, the article is called 'Time on your side', it's about never being to old to start a new career, take a risk or pursue happiness.

See, the signs are everywhere I turn in words, pictures, articles, people - the thing is, I'm listening, I'm planning, I'm getting ready - are you?

Have a great week everybody

Cheers, Fi


  1. I knew you would enjoy the Kindle once you got to using it! I have so many books on mine that I downloaded while they were free that I'm really not sure what I have, either. I'll get to them, eventually. There is something about the Kindle that can turn even a non-reader on to books. In our 12 year marriage I've seen Daniel read about a dozen books. Three of them have been on his Kindle that he got about three months ago. He has about 50 books downloaded. I love it!

    1. Karen, the beauty of it - never running out of something to read

    2. That's for sure! My Kindle goes in my purse just like a book used to, and I don't have to worry about finishing one and being stuck without another to start.

    3. My husband used to groan when we went away on holidays because I would drag 3 or 4 BIG books with me and then find a secondhand bookshop half way through our holiday to do a trade - drove him batty with my extra 'luggage'. Now I need just one, which slips in side my handbag ~ grin ~

    4. Do you find that you read faster on your Kindle? Daniel and I both noticed that I seem to fly through books.

    5. Karen - I read really fast anyway, so I'm not sure that my Kindle makes a difference

    6. A Kindle purchase has now reached my Watched List on e-bay. Checked out in the store yesterday so I know which one I should be looking for. Found the same thing for a lot cheaper but gee, I'm going to have to wait until later in the week for it to arrive via Australia Post! E-book disk of my new favourite author with 220+ of her books should arrive today!

    7. You'll never go back mum ~ grin ~

  2. Yes, Fi that post was specifically for you...hehehe. I am interested in knowing what your first step was....Hmmm...Hope you share soon. I am still in the non tech world when it comes to reading. My husband has a Kindle and I have used it from time to time but I still like the book in my hand, the pages turned, dog earred, smell of the paper. I am sure though that I will switch too at some point.


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