Thursday, July 12, 2012

Speak up - I wasn't listening

I found this statement on a website tonight - I could have written these words.

Have you ever spent hours trying to sleep but for some reason, your mind is going on hyper drive? Have you ever lied down on your bed looking at the ceiling, eyes wide open, and your entire day is flashing right before your very eyes? Have you ever done something and just repeatedly played it in your head for countless hours thinking of how it could’ve been better?

Yes, yes and yes - so much of this has been my life in the last few months. Too much noise and commotion and no clear direction of what I want and what I need to do.

I've been reading a lot recently about developing your intuition and trusting in yourself and your abilities. When I don't second guess, my intuition is really strong and true. All to often though, the noise and questioning myself gets in the way.

My latest intuitive flash, which I actually trusted.

Last night my son and I were having a conversation by text message, this is common for us and we often keep in touch this way. I was busy doing things and missed his final response, so by the time I discovered it , it was too late and I figured he'd have gone to bed.

At 5.30am this morning I sent the response back to him - another quirk of our relationship, we both get up at this time and when he was going through some tough times and not sleeping that well, I would text him in the morning to ensure he was awake and up for work.

This morning my flash of insight was that I should text the response at the time I used to check in with him. Fortuitous because while his alarm had woken him, he'd actually gone back to sleep. My text and then phone call because he didn't respond actually meant he still made it to work on time.

These sort of good timing occurences happen quite regularly for me - when I listen that is and when I'm not second guessing myself or letting fear and worry drive my thoughts. I read recently that we have up to 60,000 different thoughts a day, I just have to figure out what's worthwhile and what's general thinking.

If this sort of thing interests you then it's worth paying a visit to Angela's website Powered by Intuition. I've read 2 of her e-books now and I'm slowly starting to learn how to trust my thoughts and instincts and also determine what is just noise and what is worth paying attention to.

Do you trust your 'gut feelings' or do you second guess and talk yourself out of things.

Cheers, Fi


  1. This is interesting. My intuition tends to be extremely good but I still worry myself to death and second guess everything. There are so many times when it would be great if I could turn off the background noise in my head.

    1. How much easier would it be without all that additional 'noise'

  2. This is the middle of the night here, and as usual, too much noise in my head...
    But I do trust my gut feeling. Too many occurrences have proven me right!!
    Pity my gut is not feeling so well lately... Makes it all the more confusing.

    1. You should be sleeping :-) know the feeling though

    2. I should be doing many things... too many perhaps!!
      Hence the NOT sleeping...


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