Sunday, July 22, 2012

Building my own mountain

It's 5.30 on a Sunday evening and the first time I've sat still for more than 2 minutes all weekend. It's so bad that I had to blow the cobwebs off my laptop because it seems like so long since I opened it.

Aren't you supposed to get more time to yourself when your children get older - I'm sure I had that misguided thought. Work has also been stupidly crazy in the lead up to a big project milestone next week. Lots of stress and short tempers at work.

Friday night I had dinner with some girlfriends which was an awesome catch up. Good food and gossip. We don't do it nearly often enough but when we do it's quality time and it's like we've had no time in between if you get what I mean.

Saturday was football with youngest and then shopping followed by preparation of dinner for ten. My baby turns 15 today, so we did family and friends for dinner last night. By the time I fell into bed at midnight my feet could barely move.

Today I sat momentarily to read the paper and then as is the case with my weekends - everyone wants something done, needs to be picked up or driven somewhere or simply wants me to help them with something. Arrrgggh, am I allowed to sing 'what about me?'

No, I probably don't need to put you through the torture of me singing. I'm also trying to avoid the Mount Vesuvius of clothes that is in the centre of my lounge room floor waiting to be folded. Winter and mud and rain and boys, I feel like all I do is wash clothes and fold them. I'm sure there was less work when they were little.

For starters, their clothes were smaller, I could fit more in the washing machine and on the clothes line. Clothes that I bought were also much more wash and wear than some of the stuff they wear these days. In the good ol' days they had one bath/shower a day and one change of clothes, at most possibly two changes.

These days, shower in the morning, then they get dirty working, playing sport, fixing cars, so another shower, another change of clothes, fresh towel because the other one is still wet from the morning. My life is one endless round of washing and folding. Teenage boys, gees, move out and do your own housework.

Work promises to be super busy this week, our milestone week with up to 90 people a day viewing our new system for the project. Feeding all of them as well as organising and coordinating that process this week and I'm exhausted just thinking about it.

I'm sure my presence in the blogosphere will be limited this week, I have plenty of your post reading to catch up on as well. So until I resurface again, have a great week everybody.

As I finish writing this post, I watch the statistics flash across the television screen based on the shootings in Colorado on Friday night at the Batman movie. In the last 12 months, 464 people have died from gunfire across four countries combined (which includes Australia) In that same time, 9486 people have died from gunfire in the US.

To me, this is a no-brainer and I applaud our own country's tough gun laws. Makes me proud to be an Aussie, we may not get some things right but the tough stance taken by our Government is heartening. Tragic shootings such as these are preventable and my heart goes out to those who lost loved ones.

Cheers, Fi


  1. Wow, these are statistics we don't see in America, and that was a real eye opener to read about the number of gun deaths in the U.S. in the last year. I know we have a lot of shootings, but when you put the numbers up compared to other countries it's really kind of gross. I'm not a fan of guns to begin with so I'm all in favor of tougher gun laws.

    Hang in there this busy week!

    1. I was kind of appalled myself by the statistics. We only hear about the 'big ones' on the news so you don't realise how many occur withour knowing about them. I'm with you - not interested in guns at all myself.

  2. I had no idea about those statistics, WOW. It is indeed such a tragedy. It is a sad sad day when people cant "escape" from the real world, immerse themselves in a movie and feel safe. Your weekend sounds like my week. Good luck with everything this week, go get'em. Hopefully you can find sometime to relax, just be there somewhere. And I know what you mean about the catching up with girlfriends not all that often but when you do it is like no time has passed. Those types of friends are the best. Have a great week Fi.

  3. Ok. Those statistics are stunning. Canada, like Australia, has tough gun laws -- but it still doesn't stop people from shooting people. That's the tragedy. Guns don't kill. People do.

    And, as to laundry -- when my daughters were entering their teens I accidentally, not on purpose I swear, turned a load of their laundry pink.

    I've never done their laundry since. :)


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