Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Time management, piece of cake

My job role is changing / upgrading - the changing circumstances of another employee are being seen as an opportunity to shake things up and get some greater structure in the project office.

For me it means greater responsibility, as well as better control and autonomy. That's the theory anyway.

Basically, I'm going to be doing more of what I do best - kicking butt and making sure things get done, as well as relieving some of the pressure on the Project Director.

My boss has a great statement which I love - he says "I love change as long as I'm facilitating it and it's not happening to me"

Kind of an ironic statement for a Change Manager, but I like it. It's so much easier to advise others and to help them through change, than it is to deal with it yourself, at work or at home.

The thing is, these changes for me are the baby steps towards where I want to get to in terms of career experience and also have the added benefit of removing the frustration for me when people are not doing what they are meant to be doing.

I'm simply helping guide and direct results to the desired outcome we need. Yes Jenn, that's the type A personality coming out in me too. I had to Google 'A type' personality just to see what actually came up - yep worth the giggle and then best ignored.

One thing that I've realised though is that while my time management skills at work are exemplary they fail miserably at home.

Consider the choices I have;
  • Washing dishes versus reading the latest e-book
  • Throwing a load of washing in the machine versus reading the gazillions of newsletters I'm subscribed to (well one or two anyway - just seems like gazillions some days and I've now unsubscribed to just as many). 
  • Folding clothes versus writing blog posts which is essential for my own well being and mental health 
  • Cooking dinner versus commenting on blog posts or responding to comments which I've had to cut down on because unfortunately I also have to fit in sleeping somewhere as well.
Of course none of this takes into account the additional time also needed for exercise, walking the dog and spending time with my family.

But wait, the solution is easy. If I live in a pigsty, prepare our dinner in futuristic 'cooked-dinner-in-a-tablet' form and also make my family all wear disposable clothing then think of all the additional time that I could have.

See, this is me thinking outside the box ~ grin ~

Cheers, Fi


  1. LOL. I googled it too and then *ignore*. Actually even though I know I am type A some of those characteristics they list are not me. I am just a gett'r done person, NOW. I love your bosses statement. Awesome on your upgraded job! Have a great day/night!

  2. And pretty soon.... there'll be No Box! and you'll just do it your way always!

    Love your bosses statement :)

  3. Congratulations on the job upgrade. It sounds like you are in the right place for your talents.

    It is really hard to be motivated for a disagreeable task (cleaning). It might help to re-frame it as taking care of my home or family.

    I am not an A-type person, but the various descriptions are amusing.


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