Wednesday, May 2, 2012

My halo is also crooked

Possibly the worst insult you can ever make towards a person is to not to show up to their party on time. So yes that’s me – guilty as charged, I’m late for the start of Brenda’s Skewered Halo blog party.

I’m lucky though, the party goes for 5 days in total, so even though I didn’t make a grand entrance at the beginning, I’m sneaking in the back door now and hoping that’s okay, hopefully there’s also still plenty of cupcakes to go around. Cupcakes Brenda, where on earth is the important stuff like the champagne?
You know when you were in school and someone always had a better lunch, nicer shoes, more friends than you and while you were reasonably happy with what you had, you were still a little bit envious of them.

That’s Brenda and I. She’s a published author and I wouldn’t mind a little bit of that too.  Read more of my post from yesterday about being a writer – because I am ~grin~. So I’m over at her place today smoozing and eating cupcakes and searching for the champagne to celebrate the publication of her latest book. Okay, so she's written a few. I’ve never had a ‘real’ writer friend. Rhetorical question - is a friend, a friend, if you’ve never met them?
I also did the unthinkable in my preparation for this party; I left it too late to purchase her book in time for it to arrive by mail. Not my fault she’s lives a bazillion miles away. So she had to send me a PDF to review. I’m the invited guest who everyone wishes they didn’t have to invite but do so out of courtesy. I’ll purchase another book in payment Brenda, honest. Two and three books even.
The thing is, the book is GOOD, and I read the first 167 pages in one sitting. It engages the reader, makes you feel sympathy for the main character and boy does it make me thankful that I never had a sister. It has all the ingredients which equals good book and successful writer. Why not pop over and join the party to celebrate, you can also get a copy of Skewered Halo or copies of other books she’s written here.

Brenda when I get my first book published I’ll invite you to my party and you can arrive late and unprepared and I’ll love you just for turning up.
.......and thanks for inviting me, even if I am the party guest from hell

Cheers, Fi


  1. You party crasher! LOL. And yes, you are friends even if you haven't met IRL. And you are a writer! You are a writer! You are a writer! Did I make myself clear? Even if you are not published YET. Key word YET. Also, your last post "brain fart" that cracks me up. I say that all the time. Can you email me your address, I have something for you! Have an awesome day/night.

    1. Yes I am a writer - I heard you the first time Jenn LMAO. I never realised that 'brain fart' is actually a recognisable statement. Will email my address - what you're sending me doesn't tick does it LOL

  2. LMAO... okay Fi... you are not the WORST party guest I've ever had! and I certainly don't think you're from hell.. but I did completely forget the champagne!!
    thanks for the glowing review and YES we are friends even though we've never met!

    1. Hope your party and launch of the new book is a huge success

  3. What! NO champagne!!!!

    LOL -- hope the party went well, with or without Fi! :)

    and Fi -- I became a writer when i decided to start calling myself a writer -- which inspired me to keep writing so I wouldn't be lying! it also meant I began to take myself seriously. A good thing!


    1. Louise - that's a good theory and way of looking at it

  4. Yes, friends can be friends if you never met them! Hope you enjoyed the party. I'm sure it was better late than never : )


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