Monday, May 21, 2012

Open your mouth and say ahhhhh.....

Today was a day of medico networking, both animal and people medicos. I had a trip to the specialist today for the update on the CT scan which I had on Saturday.        
Now I'm on the waiting list for septal surgery to sort out my breathing problems, okay yeah too much information, septal does sound kinda gross - sorry.

Anyway, surgery should be some time in the next 12 months, only because I refuse to pay the $5000 to have it done now through the private system. I've lived with it 40 years, one more year won't hurt. I think I've also found the one and only organised and structured specialist in the entire universe.

I arrived 10 minutes early for my appointment and didn't even have time to fire up the Kindle before he called me in. I'd even downloaded more books to my Kindle specifically for this purpose. He must have missed the memo that says all doctors are expected to run late, and even more so once you put 'professor' in front of their name (and believe me his waiting room was chockers)

The man was speaking notes into his voice recorder for a letter to my local GP while he was writing up surgery registration papers for me. Definitely impressive to watch in action and no shortage of information supplied to his patient either. The man is a machine, a well organised and oiled machine.

Our puppy also went in this morning for the big snip, the vet has just called to say she's all good and to tell me what time I can pick her up. I've been co-owner of at least three other dogs in my life and never quite cared as much as I do about this little girl. Sad case aren't I? It was like I was leaving one of my children at the hospital this morning, well almost anyway.

The brain is churning in full forward today, plenty of ideas for my next novel(s), business ideas, things I need to do, I need to make some lists to make sure I don't lose half of the ideas swirling around. It's a little chaotic in my head at the moment. Speaking of that, here's a really interesting site I found yesterday. I'm still exploring all of its uses, but it seems perfect for writing purposes (or business)

It's called Evernote (and it's free - so definitely my sort of site) Basically you can clip, save, record notes from any computer, any mobile device and it groups them all in one place for easy reference. As a list maker and an idea gatherer, this is awesome for me. When I learn more about it I will let you know but you can go check it out for yourself if it sounds like your kind of thing.

At the moment I quite often discover websites, blogs and tools during the course of my work day and send the links all home by email so I can look at them out of working hours.  With this program from what I can gather I can save them to a file which I can access from anywhere. I can also send them from my phone.

Technology, doncha love it, I just wish it would slow down long enough for me to catch up. Anyways that's my news for now.

Cheers, Fi

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  1. Wow, your doctor sounds great, but it stinks to lose out on that reading time. ;-) It sounds like you are enjoying your new Kindle as much as I am mine. I actually BOUGHT a book for mine- something I swore I would not do. Have a great week!

    1. Karen, I've actually bought a few books. Set myself up a $30 gift card and stick mainly to the .99 books. There's some awesome writers to be discovered this way

  2. That does seem like an organized doctor!! I've never known a doctor to actually be on time, in fact a little before time!! So glad your dog made it through her surgery just fine and that you are willing to wait to have yours done to save some money.


    1. Betty, it almost seems like a contradiction doesn't it - organised and a doctor LOl

  3. Love the picture and quote Fi and yes, that doctor does sound impressive! I know what you mean about the little flashes of ideas which come and go - sometimes I catch them, sometimes I don't...

    1. It's the ones that I let get away Karyn, I need to manage them better (or maybe just not think so much)


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