Saturday, May 12, 2012

6WS - A few of my favourite things

Books are one of my favourite things in the whole world. The truth is I buy a lot of books, though no where near as many as what I could buy if I had the room. Books take up lots of space. Let me compare my old bookcase and the new bookcase that I'm getting for Mothers Day tomorrow.

This is the old bookcase - double and triple stacked with books

and this is the new one which holds 3500 books and magazines

I've resisted an e-book reader for the longest time, because I'm extremely partial to paper books. There's nothing like paper and ink. But.....I'm willing to be converted and move in to the 21st century. It's on charge at the moment so that I can have it first thing in the morning.

The best thing I can see with this is it appeasing my 'I want it now' tendencies. That's the worst thing in the world when I discover a book I want and I have to wait a zillion years for it to come by post or wait for the steam to stop steaming from hubby's ears because I've spent too mcuch money on paper and ink for the month.

Instantaneous, now. I've found myself buying a lot more e-books recently for this reason, I don't have to wait for them. Then I've printing them off to read them though ~grin~

...... and here is what Mothers Day is really all about, the four most beautiful boys in my life. My MM's  (mere males)
Left to right - oldest. youngest holding my grandson and middlest.

Me and my boys
The youngest two ratbags
To my gorgeous boys, on the off chance that you might read one or two of your mothers words - I love you guys. To my own mother - I love you and hope you have a super day. 

.......and to all mothers everywhere, hope you have the most splendid mothers day ever.

Cheers, Fi

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  1. I didn't find the six-words entry, but congrats on the Kindle. I love mine (we live in small houses and travel often -- it's been wonderful!)

    1. My six words are always in the title Sallie but thanks for dropping by

  2. I'm still stuck on my paper and ink..but maybe...someday. Those are some cuties you have there : ) Have a Wonderful Mothers Day!

  3. Happy Mothers Day! Love the pictures of you guys! Hubby got a Kindle for Christmas but I am like you like the paper and ink however I have downloaded a few on his Kindle to read immediately and it is nice for that . Change is good sometimes. Ok I have to get back to moving . Just wanted to pop in and say hi! Putting something in the mail for you on monday. Meant to send it sooner but time just got away from me.

  4. Every bookcase in my house looks just like your picture, and I have a Kindle (the very same as yours)...and I buy more books. It's an addiction, but a great one! :-)

  5. Great Mother's Day gift!! I have struggled with thoughts about wanting a Kindle or not for the same reason you mentioned, I do like holding a book; but it is a great convenience for storing books indeed! Beautiful family you have; wonderful blessings indeed!

    Happy Mother's Day!


  6. Happy Mother's Day, Fi! I recently got a Kindle Fire, and I LOVE it. I never thought I would convert to an e-book reader, but I do have to admit I love having the lightweight, perfect size "book" to throw in my purse.

  7. I have an odd relationship with my Kindle. I didn't want one but the husband bought me one anyways. And then I loved it! And then I wanted all my books on the Kindle because it was greener and faster and easier to transport. And then I discovered second hand books on Amazon and they're cheaper than the ebooks. It's such a dilemma!

    Enjoy your ereader and enjoy your Mother's Day! Thanks for playing 6WS!

  8. I always used second hand books as a reason I didn't want a Kindle. I LOVE the digital library through my local library, though. Most everything I've been looking for in paperback is available, and I can get it free.

  9. I'm with you on the books...and all the other things....keep going.


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