Monday, May 28, 2012

Cuddling chaos

This could be my house (Image credit)
So I had a post in mind to write yesterday and then we received bad news about a friends' death and everything kind of faded into a little puddle of meaningless words.

Now I will share those words with you because it's these little moments of wonderfulness in amongst the drama of life that make me smile and laugh out loud.

My brother and sister-in-law came down from Renmark on Friday night and my house was chaos multiplied by a thousand. We live in an average sized three bedroom house, of course in my next life I'll have the mansion.

We have almost enough room for the four of us, when oldest son still lived at home we were a little cramped, but we're outdoors people so as long as you have sleeping room the rest doesn't really matter.

Friday night under our roof we had hubby and I and the youngest two of our boys. Also had middle son's girlfriend, my brother, sister-in-law and nephew and also my grandson. That's four adults, three teenagers and two children in a three bedroom house. It was a little tight.

Combine that with my nephew not feeling 100% and a midnight bath after he threw up in his bed and we had our own soap opera. You know the ones with lots of people and drama and action.

Saturday I did about 5000 kilometres of driving (well it must have been close because I felt like I drove forever) we had football in the morning for youngest with grandson and the furkid in tow, then home to drop off the dog, hubby and youngest, into the city for glamour photoshoot with oldest son and grandson (my mothers day pressie) then dropped them off across town.

It was then a logistical nightmare to work out all the remaining people in my house and who needed to be where, when and how. Brother and sister-in-law to watch the football in the city, youngest son to be driven to the local football club for presentations, nephew left with the son's girlfriend until I could get back across town to collect him, youngest then to a friends for a sleepover, hubby to be picked up from a mate's place.

Yeah, you get the idea - my weekend was super crazy.

As always the gorgeous boys in my life made me smile through all the chaos. My nephew's golden comments. "Auntie Fi your car has no back doors (it's a two door hatch) so it must be magic" because he was still in the back seat despite no back door. Don't you love the logic of a child's mind?

Then my favourite, we were driving along and it had started raining. I told him that I hate rain and he quickly replied that he loved rain because it makes puddles and he loves jumping in puddles. He's three years old, he reminds me often how quickly you forget the honesty and innocence of the young.

Grandson charmed every single person throughout our three hour photo shoot, he laughed, he giggled, he charmed. He is the most delighfully happy and cheerful baby in the world. The best part of my weekend is when my nephew climbs into my lap and says I love you Auntie Fi or when grandson crawls to my feet and puts his arms up to be picked up, then snuggles in for a cuddle.

All of my gorgeous boys make everything else meaningless, all my stress, all my agro, all my fears - they all fade into nothingness.

Hope you all took time for cuddles and love in amongst the chaos this weekend. To my darling pregnant sister-in-law who I know will be reading this - we love having you, despite the chaos and crazy times and can't wait until we have another one to add to the mix.

Cheers, Fi

While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about.

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