Monday, October 24, 2011

Walking the talk

This is a really quick post, I'm late in writing tonight because I've been playing with the baby magpie and then drifting through the blogosphere and reading posts, in other words wasting time.

I have to post this though because I've discovered the most valuable tool I have in my toolkit to ensure I achieve my goals or challenges that I've set, is to tell you guys about something that I plan to do. Then for some stupid reason I feel compelled to do it.

It doesn't matter that I should be doing it for myself - because the reality is I am doing it for me and if telling you all about it makes me actually do it instead of just talking about it, then so be it. I told you I was going to ride the train and that was the final kick in the pants every time I thought about backing out. In other words I did it.

So...ready the drumroll.....tomorrow morning I will drag my butt out of bed and get on my treadmill. This is me who hates mornings yet has been lamenting my lack of motivation to get back on the treadmill which hubby bought for my birthday almost 12 months ago. I experienced a short humurous yet painful incident (not on the treadmill though) which resulted in a really serious pain in the rear end / back and then I didn't get back on it.

I've got hubby to set it up (extra ammunition if he's in on my plan, because he's been saying he'll sell it due to lack of use - and it wasn't a cheap treadmill either, so I'm even more compelled)

So at the ungodly hour of 5.30am tomorrow - can you feel my shudder - I will be pounding the treadmill  with 'Boss' the magpie squawking his encouragement, only because he shares his home in the shed with my treadmill. Ohhh the things we do.

Once upon a time when I was young I used to get up at a crazy hour and walk the dog, it was still dark then and I felt safer with the dog, alas the dog is no longer with us and walking in the dark is probably no longer a wise move. Old age, lack of motivation and an aversion to the cold means that the treadmill in the shed is more to my liking. Wish me luck.

Cheers, Fi

One day, your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure it's worth watching...♥


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