Sunday, October 23, 2011

Never judge a book by its cover

The saying about never judging a book by it's cover is meant to refer to people and often we do judge people purely by their looks, in reality we're doing them a serious injustice by not looking deeper.

I was guilty of that this week and I find this saying ironic because when I purchase or select a book from the library it's chosen purely by its cover.

Three full days of no blogging - once upon a time I would have felt like my throat had been cut, now I know occassionally it's necessary for me to take a step back and not be so obsessive about blogging. The world didn't stop spinning and I'm sure no-one lost any sleep over it, so all is good.

We've had a busy, busy week. Work was the normal crazy. Drinks at the pub on Friday night for a friend who acts and behaves 40 but was celebrating his 60th birthday. Then a trek to the Adelaide Hills on Saturday afternoon / evening for another friends 40th birthday.

Beautiful spring weather for a drive in the countryside. Hubby needed a sharp word though because he drives like a race car driver and I'm such a baby on winding roads and I start feeling carsick very easily.

The drive home was even less entertaining because it was me behind the wheel (as the designated 'sober' driver) and the fog was really, really thick. I could probably see about three metres in front of me on the winding roads, so it was a slow hour long drive home. Scares me stupid driving on winding roads in the hills at the best of times, worse still when you can't see anything.

So I've done my socialising for the week (or month) It's quite amusing really because hubby and I are so different, he's the social butterfly who can't go a day without friends and action around him, whereas me - I could quite happily live with my own company for days on end. I think I'm getting worse the older I get.

The thing is I spend all week at work with lots of people, communicating, organising and dealing with them. My job is simply people, without people I have no job and that's okay. But when I come home I'm quite over people and just want to sit and chill in my own space with my own thoughts. This is where my blogging had gotten a little out of control because I was using that as my escape.

So to keep the family happy I will try to be a little more sociable, I will blog a little bit less, but to still maintain my sanity I will start up my writing again. I've let it lag since I finished my first novel - which I've also done nothing more with - bad, bad me. I have a number of things that I want to look at and investigate, things that are on my challenges list which also deserve my attention.

I got chatting with the partner of one of Hubby's workmates at this party yesterday and was amazed by how much she has done with her life. I've met her several times before but have never really spoken to her that much. Her and her partner travel a lot - no kids yet, they're younger than us so it's easier. She's jumped out of a plane, been bungey jumping and has also done a flight in an aerobatic plane.

To meet her you would think gorgeous looking girl (model material) and not much more, yet here is a classic example of the danger of taking people only at face value. She's extremely intelligent, does amazing adventurous things as well as awesome things like taking supplies to Bali for orphanages and so many other things.

She was truly inspiring to talk to and one of those genuine down to earth, really nice people. It makes my socialising more enlightening when I meet and talk to such interesting people. I must also add - my fellow 'chattee' at the party yesterday has also been to Phuket so was fired up at hubby that we simply must go to Thailand and take our boys.

One last piece of news before I go (well I do have to fit three days news into one post don't I?). Hubby came home with a baby magpie yesterday, the poor little thing must have fallen out of a tree and landed on the roof of his work van as he was driving along. He heard the scuffling on the roof and then saw something slide down the back window so he pulled over and it was sitting on the strobe light on the back of his van.

It's got some of it's feathers but still has lots of grey down. It's very tame and hubby has taken quite a shine to it. He's called it 'boss' and it's living in the bathroom in the shed and he's feeding it meal worms (yech!)

This pic is not of our magpie but it shows you what they look like if you've never seen one. I'll post a photo of 'boss' at a later date.

Apparently they're very loyal and entertaining birds when you tame them, so we'll see. I'm sure the bird and the cat probably won't see eye-to-eye though, which could be interesting.

Well that's my rambling for the week (there's a lot of it), hope you've all had a good weekend.

Cheers, Fi

I'm a strong person, but every now and then I would like someone to take my hand say everything will be alright. - unknown


  1. Sounds busy -- and don't be so hard on yourself. You've done alot! In particular -- raising 3 young men is not a small feat.


  2. WOW! You have had a full plate! I so understand. I havent been able to do much blogging myself and miss it so very much. But know it is okay! You shoul listen to Louise she is right dont be so hard on yourself. You do alot and are raising three boys. You are only human. Though as a mom we like to think of ourselves as super moms. Be nice to you take time and enjoy.
    Many Blessings

  3. "The world didn't stop spinning and I'm sure no-one lost any sleep over it, so all is good" Ahh, yeah it did! My world and my sleep! I don't sleep much so its your fault now. LOL. Why havent you done much with your novel? So many ways to be able to self publish. And yet another reminder of how simliar we are, I too, like to be somewhat of a hermit on the weekends and it is worse too as I am getting older. I go go go during the week, I just like to hang out on the weekends sometimes. I am hanging out right now husband and kiddos went to church function, I thought I need some downtime before starting the week of again. And I am pretty close in age to you I think. I am 36. Have an awesome week!


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