Sunday, October 2, 2011

Just what was needed

Mrs 'I need to organise' took a holiday this weekend and in her place was Mrs 'Relaxed and not a care in the world'.

I 've just spent two thoroughly chilled out and relaxed days and feel all the better for it. Gone was the need to organise, arrange and manage everything and everyone. I just mosied along with what everyone else was doing and feel 100% better for it.

Yesterday afternoon was the footy grand final, and then last night a barbecue and an evening spent sitting around the firebucket and relaxing. I'm not a big alcohol drinker but I discovered a delightful treat in the form of jelly shots, which is a vodka and jelly creation.

Big night, a houseful of people who stayed the night at my brother and sister-in-law's place last night. My brother cooked bacon and eggs for the hordes that stayed over and we all spent most of the morning lolling around in the sunshine on the back deck.

Then several hours of peaceful cruising on the river which was a delightful way to spend the afternoon. Dinner at my sister-in-laws parents place tonight and then home because we were all so exhausted. I'm now snuggled up under a quilt, in bed and cruising the blogosphere. What a delightful end to a superb day.

I'm not at all keen on returning to the fast pace of city life tomorrow (or the 3 and a half hour drive home for that matter) I'm quite certain that I could spend another week up here of doing nothing. Below are some pics of my day.

 The boys in the boat - my brother, my youngest and my nephew.

 We found time to call in and visit one of my girlfriends and her husband who moved from Adelaide to Renmark at the beginning of the year. This is the view from her back verandah. Yes it must be difficult having to sit and look at a view like this all day.

 My 3 year old nephew - it's tiring work being a kid - he bombed out for an hour and a half sleep in the boat. Half his luck, I could quite happily have curled up next to him for a nap as well.

 This is where we spent several hours exploring this afternoon, in the creeks that run off the main river. Nothing to look at but wildlife and water and trees and nature. Only the sounds of nature and the gentle putt.. putt.. of the boat as we cruised along.
It's a hard life but someone had to do it.

Cheers, Fi


  1. Sounds fabulous!

    Glad you had a chance to restoke your energy!

  2. while i read this, you may still be sleeping, or not!!

    love, love, love the view of the last pic. as urban as i can be, i would enjoy visiting such a place, me and my camera, of course!! so much texture, so much life.

    so, from now on, you're not Fiona but Sybil, for this big change of personality...


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