Thursday, October 27, 2011

Mish Mash Brain

Today is one of those days when everything is a mish mash in my brain, a mess of swirling thoughts, ideas and dreams.

I had an idea of what I wanted to write about tonight and then did some reading first and now I just have a mess of everything in my head.

So while I'm making sense of my thoughts, I can at least report that I've done 3 consecutive days of treadmilling this week. I don't think that's a word but I can create my own words can't I?

My other word for this week, which gave the boys in the project team a good laugh, was plushness. I was asking whether they were appreciating the plushness of the new office. I'm sure that should be a word as well.

So lets do a summary, okay perhaps a brain dump of what is swirling in my head at the moment:

1) Story tonight on television about a teenager who has been bullied for his weight. His mum (and this is where awesomeness comes in) has supported him by not only getting him a personal trainer but also doing months and months of training alongside him. Mums rock don't they?

This also reinforces my belief that support or back up helps make our goals more achievable.

2) Listening to my inner voice today, sometimes I listen. I've been using a new handbag for over a week and I hadn't transferred everything over yet (that is, all the additional rubbish and not vital requirements) I also hadn't put my migraine tablets in my new bag.

For some reason when I grabbed my phone charger out of my old handbag this morning I grabbed my migraine tablets too. Fortuitous - because migraine this afternoon, only minor luckily but also probably an explanation for mushy brain tonight.

3) Do you get frustrated by lying, cheating people on television programs despite knowing that it's scripted and eventually the perpetrator will be found out. I can't help it, I get annoyed. I dislike dishonesty.

4) Beauty and the Geek is the most annoying show in the world. Are people really this intelligent and clueless and are gorgeous looking people really that dumb. This is the worst example of stereotypes ever.

5) Our travel agent that we use through work today mentioned her overworked status to the Project Administrator, who then of course mentioned to me that they are currently evacuating people from Thailand because of massive flooding. Selfish me, people are losing homes and I'm considering how this will affect my chances of a holiday there.

6) Hubby starts three weeks of holidays tomorrow night - six months ago we were originally planning on going to Bali next week. A moment of sadness here, my 40th birthday will not be celebrated in Bali.

7) My 40th birthday is rapidly approaching - egads.

I think today should be Friday, I'm feeling a little worn out tonight, with my mishy mashy brain. Although I'm also feeling slightly lighter now that I've got at least 7 things out of my head and down on the screen.

So that's all for now, my overworked little brain needs rest

Cheers, Fi

I have a theory about the human mind. A brain is a lot like a computer. It will only take so many facts, and then it will go on overload and blow up. ~ Erma Bombeck


  1. LOL -- your mushy brain should meet my mush brain sometime and have a mish mash!

  2. I keep saying I need a delete or purge button in my brain. LOL. Hopefully you get/got some rest and are feeling shiny new again. No Bali? Ahh that bites. When is your bday anyways?


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