Monday, October 10, 2011

Where ever the ride may take me

If we listen and simply trust in what our instincts are telling us, then very rarely will we be wrong. The truth is we all have so much potential if we just listened, believed and trusted in what our bodies tell us.

The problem is we second guess, we question, we doubt, we don't trust in our feelings. All of us have experienced that feeling when we just know something is going to happen, when our instincts have been spot on and even more when we've actually listened to those feelings. Even then, we put it down to coincedence when we have a close call, or a lucky save.

My instincts about people are often very strong, yet at the same time they can still be clouded by emotions. I've always told my kids that if they get a funny feeling in their stomach about someone, then they need to listen to that instinct. It's probably a very simplistic way of describing it, and maybe it's a bit airy fairy, but it's something which is easily understood by a child.

As adults we learn to tamper down that inner sense because we second guess and we question what we're feeling. It's not only people, the same thing happens with situations, deep down many of us know the truth behind a situation - our gut tells us the truth but for whatever reason we ignore those instincts or we talk ourselves out of our uncomfortable feelings.

Sometimes we can't accept the reality of what our instincts are telling us and it's easier to bury our heads in the sand and pretend that something really isn't happening. I listen, I feel, I trust my gut and sometimes I still ignore it. I know that occasionally I just have to go along for the ride and see where it takes me and that it's not always a bad thing.

Every experience is a learning one and when I listen to my gut at least my eyes are wide open and I'm ready for whatever comes my way. I'm simply along for the ride with no illusions about where that ride may take me.

Riding the rollercoaster of life - sometimes we all need to just get in, sit down and shut up......

Cheers, Fi

"Life can be like a roller coaster... And just when you think you've had enough, and your ready to get off the ride and take the calm, easy merry-go round... You change your mind, throw you hands in the air and ride the roller coaster all over again.

That's exhilaration...that's living a bit on the edge...that's being ALIVE." ~ Stacey Charter


  1. I have the following saying pinned to my bulletin board at work: Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely and attractive and well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, chocolate in one hand, margarita in the other, body throughly used up, totally worn out and screaming, WHOOO-HOOOO, what a ride!

  2. I have a sticker on my computer that says "The thing I don't get about no is the part where I don't get what I want".


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