Sunday, October 16, 2011

Out with the old...

I'm sure many of us have a friend called Justin, or have at some stage in our lives. You might know him better as just-in-case. There's a huge number of things that I've carefully put away for just-in, things which fill my cupboards and are there for just-in case I may need them one day.

For years now I've kept my skinny clothes for just-in, and all of my university workbooks for just-in and even bottles and bottles of essential oils for just-in. All of those things that I'm simply dreaming I may actually use again one day, or fit into, or that are so far past their use by date that it's ridiculous to keep them but I've kept them all for just-in.

I'm a hoarder, simply put I hate to throw things away. The thing is, my new bedroom suite arrived yesterday and in celebration - I threw mountains of things away. No more keeping things for just-in, if I don't wear it or use it, I ditched it (or I gave it away if I couldn't bear to throw it away).

All of my out-of-date essential oils from my days of aromatharapy, my tarot cards which I haven't used for years and years. My skinny clothes, my mountains of make-up and perfumes from my days of selling for Avon. I even still had some of my key assignments from university. All gone!

Growing up and even my first years out of home I moved house regularly so spring cleaning my belongings was a regular event. It was a fantastic way to clean and rejuvenate when you were moving, because packing and moving all of your junk forces you to cull and toss unused items.

I've lived in this house for almost 18 years, so not as much culling or tossing as has probably been required (I really need to move house and do an extensive clean out). This weekend though, I got ruthless and I went through with a heavy hand and now my bedroom has the lightest feeling about.

I know it's been much needed and is highly recommended and I'm sure there's something in there about cleansing the soul and throwing away unwanted items. I'm still adjusting to the new bed and can't say I had the best sleep last night, probably too much movement and activity in the room with all the upheaval of my personal things.

I'm sure things will settle and the bed will 'grow' on me, hubby says he slept like a dream - how typical of a male. Hope you've had a great weekend - I feel like I've achieved a lot which is a nice feeling.

Cheers, Fi

Change is often rejuvenating, invigorating, fun... and necessary ~ Lynn Povich


  1. Congratulations! There's a 'psychic' phenomena in cleaning cupboards as well -- we make room for our psyches to clear out old thinking for new ways of being!

    Hope you find lots of comfort in your bed :)

  2. Something must be in the air, because I did a *big* clean out today. It needed to be done! I have tons of those skinny clothes too. Some day. LOL.


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