Friday, March 11, 2011

Today was a 'me' day

Today was a day just for me, no work, no urgent things that had to be done. These kind of days don't come along very often and are even better when they're unexpected as well. You have to love a boss who decided that because Monday is a public holiday that the project team should have today off and have an extra long weekend. My boss is awesome (and no he doesn't read my blog)

So what did I do on my day of 'me'. I spent 2 hours in a chair at the hairdresser (normally I cram this appointment in between my shopping and numerous other tasks on my weekends) Instead I was able to relax with a coffee and the latest novel I am reading and did not experience one anxious moment worrying that I should be somewhere else whilst the haircolour fairies worked their magic on my hair.

I then strolled through the mall, instead of having to race like a woman on a mission as is required on the weekend when every second person is there and I have several other places to be. I then did my food shopping at a leisurely pace and actually enjoyed the experience (I even spent less money than I normally do, can't figure that one out but wasn't complaining)

I came home to find younger son who had the day off school today had unloaded the dishwasher, done two loads of washing and hung it out and had also mowed the back lawn. God I love this child, he was definitely switched at birth because he is so unlike his two older brothers. He's not perfect though, these chores mean that his father can't give him a hard time about rotting his brain by playing the X-box all day.

I have then spent the afternoon reading and browsing the internet - yes it's a hard life but someone has to do it. It also means that I have the whole remaining 3-day weekend ahead of me to do the things I want to do because my food shopping has been done and most of the time consuming chores are done. Ah bliss.

I now plan to spend a few hours writing, I'm sitting on about 47,000 words so slowly but surely my book is getting there. Sending lots of relaxed and blissful thoughts to all of you.

Here's an amazing video - the story was in today's newspaper - Dog riding scooter. Not sure why you would want your dog to do this.

Cheers, Fi

If a man insisted always on being serious and never allowed himself a bit of fun and relaxation, he would go mad or become unstable without knowing it. ~ Herodotus


  1. I am so impressed and inspired by your commitment to writing! Wow!

  2. PS -- and the dog riding the scooter video -- Truly amazing -- but why is as you said, unfathomable. amazing dog though! Crazy owner.

  3. Louise - even I am inspired and impressed by my writing. I have never got this far before and I find that it is an awesome journey that I am enjoying thoroughly.

    Strangely writing this blog and reading about others journeys has provided me with the inner power to keep forging ahead.

    Thank you for being one of the inspiring ones


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