Wednesday, March 2, 2011

False injury claims - the lowest of low!

Integrity is telling myself the truth. And honesty is telling the truth to other people - Spencer Johnson

I think I must be one of the most honest people in the world and it also doesn’t help that I am also the world’s worst liar. I’m the person who tells a checkout person when they’ve given me the wrong money (okay I was a checkout girl in highschool – so I can sympathise with anyone who has this job) Even if I could lie convincingly I could never see myself pretending to fall in a shopping centre or faking injuries suffered in a car accident.

I am currently watching a story on Today Tonight about people who put in false injury claims. This subject astounds me, who on earth could be bothered trying to prove something that isn’t actually true. If these people have got the imagination to create such grandiose stories then maybe they should be writing books or movies and doing something more worthwhile with their time.

People these days want to sue for anything and everything – and it makes me wild. I understand that accidents happen and anyone getting hurt is unfortunate, especially when companies are negligent. But people who put in false claims leave a very bad taste in my mouth. Why don’t these people get off their butts and do something constructive instead of wasting everyone’s time with making false claims.

False claims affect those of us who do go out and do an honest days work. Mothers at home with children may not be earning a wage but even they are doing an honest days work.
All of us are forced to pay the higher prices that false claims bring, higher prices at the checkout, higher insurance premiums and all because low down no good cheats think its okay to fake an injury to rip off other people.

It doesn’t make it right that just because a company is making lots of money that a person can sue them for a false injury. Who on earth thinks spilling water on the floor in a supermarket and ‘pretending’ to fall over is acceptable behaviour?

I can’t believe that people don’t realise the world we now live in – hello, wake up people, there are surveillance cameras everywhere these days, and you will get caught.

I personally knew an individual many years ago who was guilty of a false claim and let’s just say that none of us who knew him had to say a thing because karma bit him on the butt big time and he got exactly what he deserved.

Injury claims should be for those who are legitimately injured through negligence, not for lazy so and so’s who can’t be bothered earning their way in the world.

Well I’ve had my little rant for today – what are your thoughts on the subject?


  1. Good rant Fi! And -- we need people like you to keep speaking up so that we all become aware of how the way we are in the world is linked to our effect upon the world.



  2. Thanks for the comment Louise - I can't help myself when it comes to people who think the world owes them something.
    It's truly sad that people can't see that their actions affect everyone, even themselves.

    Cheers, Fi

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