Saturday, March 26, 2011

Six Word Saturday

Not happy! Computer virus creators suck!

I will refrain from writing what I really think because my children read my blog. Suffice to say that I was saying lots of swear words last night when my computer went into meltdown.

I was innocently browsing clipart websites when this nasty beast called 'System Defender' launched it's attack. It very cleverly mimics the Windows icon and the 'my computer' screen and flicks up warnings of multiple trojans and infections on your system. It recommends that you download 'System Defender' to remove the trojans and infections' (at a cost of course). I declined this option, yet it installed itself on my computer complete with desktop shortcut.

A scan with my own virus protection software failed to detect or remove it. You are also unable to remove it from your program files because it remains hidden.

My quick thinking, computer savvy 13 year old son suggested googling the problem to find out how to remove it. Easier said than done though because my computer was doing seriously wierd things. Yet, I did eventually find numerous warnings and solutions and a rapid download of software called 'StopZilla' has blasted the beast from my system. (At a cost of $29.95 mind you and three hours of lost time later)

It did find 3 versions of the beast and once it quarantined it then my virus software picked up 5 trojans on my computer. Excuse the cynic in me that wonders whether these companies actually create the viruses and infections so you have no option but to purchase a solution.

I'm as annoyed as hell that I lost several valuable hours of writing time but also am extremely thankful that I bought a portable hard drive several weeks ago. Not that I needed it, but it was reassuring to know that I had backed up my laptop.

People who create computer viruses or the like should be hung up and shot. Nasty and malicious individuals the lot of them. What are your thoughts?

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I think computer viruses should count as life. I think it says something about human nature that the only form of life we have created so far is purely destructive. We've created life in our own image ~ Stephen Hawking - Physicist


  1. visiting from six words saturday. I hear ya! I had that happened to me a couple of times, it was very painful to get my computer back to normal state.

  2. Oh yes, have done battle with that particular virus twice before.
    Nasty, nasty code that one, sorry that you were so unlucky :(
    How you weekend improves :)

  3. One one thing worse: Stolen laptop. Lived through that; don't recommend.

  4. Sorry to hear about your virus problems. I know several people who have suffered from it but have so far escaped it myself thank goodness.

  5. I agree! I am visiting from 6WS.

  6. Remember To Always Practice Safe Computing!


    I Agree Computer Virus Creators Suck!

  7. Oh, what a nasty way to spend a few precious hours. Glad you got your computer back up and running though.

  8. Oh no, that's terrible. Glad you got it fixed.

  9. Yuck, sounds like a particularly nasty little virus. Sorry it got you!

    Thanks for playing 6WS!


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