Sunday, March 20, 2011

Beware - Blogging is addictive!

Since I started blogging my social life has gone to the pits (who am I kidding - what social life? - hubby works two out of three weekends, so my social life wasn't huge to start with) It's gotten worse since I discovered Six Word Saturday, not that I'm blaming Cate.

My Saturday nights and Sunday mornings are now spent joyfully roaming around other people's blogs and learning so many new and wonderful things and discovering some amazing blogs and people. I think this is all called networking or maybe blogworking is a better word.

Most of you have probably done the blog tour as I did but in case you haven't, here are some of the amazing things I learnt this week. Please note that I am not providing a link back to any of these blogs, only because you should pop over to Cate's Six Word Saturday post on Show my Face and give her the credit for bringing all of these people together in one place.

I'm not sure if that's good blog etiquette or not but it makes sense for me.

1) Rabies is not present on the island of New Zealand, thank you Karen from 21 Wits for the comment, I too thought it was everywhere in the world.
2) Dave from Home School Dad is coming up for his 500th blog post and plans to celebrate - I didn't even know how many posts I'd written until he made me check. Now armed with the facts I've discovered that after this post I'm 8 posts away from three digits. Does anyone else celebrate this milestone and if so what do you do?
3) I discovered there is a fruit called a kiwi berry from Kylie D at Kylie's Conversations. When I first read this I figured it would be years before I saw them in Adelaide but guess what, we're blogging from the same state (ain't it a small world?) I am now on the hunt for this new fruit.
4) I learnt that every second person (or so it seems) is blogging about spring being on it's way. This is my favourite time of the year and in Australia we're moving in to Autumn, so I had to feel a little bit envious because summer and spring seem to have slipped on by and we hadn't even noticed.
5) I commiserated at Living life with Grace over the bump and shimmy her car had suffered and the scoundrel who fled the scene and proved to us that not all people are honest, I marvelled at Madison dancing on Reflections from Kathy and I found out so much more about my world.

What an enjoyable journey it has been this week - thank you all for providing my social life with some zing.

Cheers, Fi

To laugh often and much; to win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of leave the world a better know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson


  1. I loved reading your blog! I'll be back!
    Dianne @

  2. What a fun blog. I have stumbled or hopped upon you through 6WS
    I was late I had almost forgot and ran real quick before the clock changed and thought I would hop along and check out a few new blogs before i call it a night. Love your blog.

  3. I love hosting 6WS for exactly this reason - I learn so much! It's really nice to get that peek into so many lives each week and I'm so excited that I have time to enjoy the entries!

    Thanks for playing and especially thanks for visiting so many other entries!

  4. what a delightful post -- and idea -- the way you've encouraged everyone to go to the source.



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