Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Searching for Balance

I follow some blogs written by some pretty amazing people. On a daily basis these people make me laugh, they make me cry, they educate me and most of all they make me stop and think about life. The thing that astounds me through all of this, is that many of these people are people that I would never meet as I go about my normal day.

Some of these people have different beliefs, different ways of looking at things and even completely different lifestyles. Strangely we all come together in one place to share our stories and we commiserate and we celebrate with each other. I found a new blog several days ago through Bloggers of Note and reading it, I realise this bloggers life has been totally different from mine and then similar in some ways as well.

She's outspoken, she's not afraid to swear and she tells it exactly as it is, there's some people who might be offended by how blunt she is. I can honestly say that she probably wouldn't be the sort of person I would normally associate with, yet I find myself drawn to her blog because of her honesty and openess.

Her blog has exploded with popularity and she writes about how it scares her to the extent that she switched off comments for a while to cope with it. The reason why I wanted to write about her today is the result of reading her post 'Sorry for Intruding' when she posted an email that was sent to her by a follower. To inspire this sort of passion and belief from a follower is definitely inspiring. After all, don't many of us write to be heard?

The one thing I have learnt from reading some of her posts is that she puts it all out there, warts and all. I envy her the ability to not be concerned about what others think. Too often I know I put on my happy, smiley face and I don't allow people to share my pain or frustration. I'm afraid of appearing less than perfect. Not that I consider myself perfect but it's a self protection thing where I've learnt to keep the less than pleasant side of life private.

I think I need to find a balance between letting it all hang out and keeping it locked up tight inside. To me I think that's healthy and she has inspired me to search for that balance.

What about you, do you let it all hang out warts and all, or do you keep it locked up inside?

P.S - For all of you who commented about me waiting for a decision from the Board for our project, thank you for your thoughts. We're hoping to hear something tomorrow. For the record I won't be holding my breath for fear of turning blue before we get a final decision.



  1. LOL re not holding your breath!

    I love your spirit!

    And I'll be back to check out her blog too!

    Cheers. (and hope you do get news today) :)

  2. I love what you wrote today. I will have to go check out your new find in the blog world. you are so right we find pople we may ahve never meet ever or even been friends with for a variety fo reason. I have been looking for balance in my life. Strangely enough. Will I find it I dont know. Im not sure I am as you put it hanging out for all to see. I havent in a long time. I like you havea thing called self preservation. I use to be more so but as years have passed I keep allot in. I think it is refreshing to be like that. My middle daughter is and I love it. AS I use to be that way. But not so much any more. I dont like it locked up either. I hate as I think that is what makes me feel so sick all the time.
    Thank you for the great post.

  3. While I may not reply to your comments every time - Please know that I do read them all and always appreciate that you guys comment.

    Same goes for everyone who comments on my Facebook page.

    (See I did read about blog etiquette - LOL)

    Cheers, Fi


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