Tuesday, August 6, 2013

What a week it's been...

It's been a big week in more ways than one and yes I've been noticeably absent for many reasons, the least of which was a horrible stomach bug that laid me flat for two days over the weekend.

So other than two days of being up close and personal with my pillow, I have been kind of busy. The more exciting things which have been happening;

  • I'm on the countdown at work, only 3 more days to go.
  • My eldest son's fiance had a baby boy at 3.23 this morning, biologically not his - but his in every other way which counts (and I'm writing about that exact subject over at World Moms Blog today - the timing is irony in itself, I wrote the post last week and then it wasn't meant to go up till the end of August, yet there it was this morning) So another big, beautiful boy to join the family, so darn happy for them.
  • We bought an investment property last week, settlement happens on the 30th August. Do you have any idea how many times you have to sign your name on loan paperwork?
  • I have my finger in a few pies on the work front, so hopefully something will crop up which will take me on the next stage of my journey - but not before I have a week or two off to do absolutely nothing!
I'm sure given all that news that you can forgive me for my absence around these parts lately. So what's been happening in your world?

Cheers, Fi

To my sister in law and my mum - love you to the moon and back

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  1. Wow Fi. I had no idea about your oldest...I knew him and mom of son no longer together....I commented on World Mom Blog post too....I am sure the family dynamics will work themselves out easily. 3 more days! Congrats. I hope you really take some time off while you can before jumping into your next adventure. Relax at your new retreat. Talk to you soon.


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