Thursday, August 22, 2013

Getting back on track...

So LinkedIn has a link to my dream job today - it says something like this;

"Help wanted: An "enthusiastic" traveler to fly around the globe for a year, all expenses paid, earning $100,000 in salary for blogging about it – and for volunteering to leave each destination a little better than when you found it."!

I'm so sure hubby and the boys would be happy if I got this role...not!

I'm frustrated enough with the job application processes (or lack of them) in Adelaide - can you imagine how many people will be applying for this role. Applications don't close until 15/9 so there's still time for anyone who's interested, you too could join the hundreds applying.

I was in the city today, but more about the why in a second. I generally avoid the city because of the rush, rush atmosphere but at the same time I adore people watching and there is no better place than the city for it, other than perhaps the airport. It's the one place that so many different people converge and the writer in me likes imagining their lives and their stories.

I was in the city to meet up with a former co-worker for coffee and felt slightly dismayed that I didn't take more time to connect more with this person when we actually did work together. It's kind of a strange feeling to speak to someone who totally gets my thinking processes and who visually records her goals and has BIG plans like I do.

Strange but also reassuring and comforting as well. Our meeting re-sparked some of my previous goals and plans, made me dare to dream again. I shouldn't talk myself out of what I know is the path I should take because of fear or because of others expectations of what I 'should be doing'. 

I'm still coughing (a full nights sleep - what's that?) I'm certain this is my body's way of purging all of the inner frustration and annoyance which I've been bottling up for the longest time. So I guess I might have a bit of coughing still to go.

What are you dreaming of, better still - what are you doing?

Cheers, Fi

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