Monday, August 26, 2013

Start as you plan to continue

Today is the beginning of my third week of not working and finally today I began my day pretty much as I plan to continue.

Week 1 was rest and relaxation with my family in Renmark, Week 2 was spent trying to recover from the cough from hell, Week 3 is about getting things happening and still recovering from the cough from hell.

This morning I set my alarm clock and got out of bed at an almost normal hour (okay so I'm still coughing most of the night and not sleeping enough - I'm thinking I probably needed antibiotics about two weeks ago)

I ate breakfast and then took the dog for a walk. A dog who seems to have forgotten how to behave properly on a lead. My previous working life meant leaving home in the dark and getting home in the dark which left me little time to follow through on the lessons learnt at doggy obedience. It shows.

We will now walk daily and see if I can't undo the lessons learnt, fellow dog walkers (hubby and sons) mean well but yeah well, you know how it goes - they're too nice.

Today I signed up for an online magazine and newspaper writing course through the Sydney Writers Centre which I'm excited about getting stuck into. I've also made enquiries about joining a writing group in Adelaide and discovered they're all full.

However, an invitation to start up a writing group which would piggy back with another is an invitation I didn't expect but is also something else I will explore. Organising, writing, planning - yes all things I'm good at, so why not?

Also another phone call about a potential job today which sounds very exciting in terms of challenges and interesting tasks, so a few more steps there to go through and we'll see what happens.

I also wrote, read, submitted our tax returns, did some housework and paid some bills - how positively normal was my day. Normal is good, normal is revitalising, normal is necessary.

Hubby and I also had a restorative weekend which included a drive in the country, some real talking and a nice dinner at Victor Harbor. So in terms of week 3, I finally feel like things are getting back on track.

Now I just need to get rid of this stupid annoying cough, I gave up smoking three years ago to be free of annoying coughs. Any quick remedies for prolonged coughs which you can think of will be gladly accepted.

Cheers, Fi

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