Friday, August 16, 2013

No time to be sick, too much to do

Why is when we stop or slow down then our body suddenly thinks it's time to give up the ghost as well? Today is day 3 of feeling rather ordinary and I have a nice croupy cough that makes me sound like a barking dog.

Yesterday I helped my mum slow cook 22 kilos of corn beef for the RSL dinner tonight and we also did all of the vegetable shopping - rest easy I didn't actually breathe on any of it or cough on it.

I then came home and slept for 2 and a half hours because I was exhausted, not that cooking corn beef is tiring work either. Being sick annoys me, and sleeping during the day is wasted writing time, or reading time or wasted anything time.

This morning I was meant to be helping with cutting up the vegetables for the vegie bakes. We decided it was better I stay home and rest and not risk making all the others sick.

Instead I'm sitting on the verandah writing this post and looking like a nanna with my dressing gown around my shoulders because it's so darn windy and hence a bit cool. The sun is shining though so I have to sit outside and try to banish the croupy bugs. Maybe they'll all blow away.

I've found it amusing this week watching my mum in action as she organises all of the catering and posters and task lists for the RSL dinner - I've never paid attention to these things before, not consciously anyway, but its obvious where I get my talent for organising from.

I only hope I have half the energy and drive that my parents have when I'm their age, because boy do they keep busy for retired people.

So here I sit on the verandah, the rain has gone away and the sunshine is back. The birds are singing and you can here them when the wind lessens every now and then. What's a girl to do other than write, apply for a few jobs and just rest.

Hope you all have a sensational weekend

Cheers, Fi

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  1. The verandah sounds lovely and I wish I was on it. On a swing. Wish I was coming to dinner too! Get your rest dear, Hope you're completely better soon : )


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