Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A space to call my own

Plain old lemon juice and hot water - nice and soothing for my poor throat which refuses to get better. I finally took a trip to the doctor today and what could she do but recommend steam and rest and tell me it's a virus.

Arrggh... although she did give me Codeine Lixus which is a cough suppressant - kind of fun when I'm very sensitive to morphine based drugs, luckily this stuff just makes me sleep and has no adverse reaction. Sleep has been in short supply the last few weeks because of the cough.

I live in a houseful of males who very rarely get sick and basically need to have a limb hanging off or something similar to get them to go to a doctor, yet all three have been to the doctor this week with varying forms of this virus. I don't think we've ever had a year this bad.

Roll on spring and nice weather. We've had a hint  of it this week, a teaser of nice sunshine. Yesterday I visited a former co-worker who lives in the hills on just over 2 acres - her workspace is to die for. Looking out over trees and rolling green grass.

My workspace at the moment is cross legged on my lounge with my laptop on a stable table in my lap. All my books and papers spread around me on the lounge. I'm trying to convince my husband that I need to do some refurnishing and rearranging to set up my ideal 'space'. His solution is that I can use his computer desk in the bedroom.

A space which is also his filing space, his clothes horse and his general dumping ground for everything he wants to keep track of so that I don't 'tidy' it away. Not the most creative workspace I can think of. I like light and colour and space and definitely no clutter.

Something like this...
or maybe like this...

But with limited space in my house, it's highly unlikely (short of asking my children to move out). Perhaps I could drop one of these in the back yard though.
or maybe one of these
Oh and I found this....I have to one of these as well.
Hubby has a man cave, so I could have a woman cave, with a bathtub - couldn't I? What does your ideal workspace or 'woman cave' look like?
Cheers, Fi


  1. I have a tiny little three sided corner that is not decorated at all (Every other square inch of my house is full of my 'Stuff'.) but I love it. It's more like a cave but it's cozy and quiet and no one can sneak up on me : )

    1. That's about all I'm aiming for is a corner to call my own

  2. You are still sick? Man it has been hanging around awhile; about the time you left your job. Funny how that works. Hopefully it will soon run its course so you can get back on track in making your dreams a reality. I would love anyone of those office spaces you have posted and bath tub, of course. I could sit in that all day providing that the kids were not around banging on the Hope you get to feeling better.

  3. Sharing an office space with your husband is good. There are lots of designs perfect for both male and female. But the way you described it, you really have to have your own. Your idea of a backyard office is great, particularly the first example; it's very unique and chic. I hope you'll get the space you need. | Clayton @ |


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