Saturday, August 31, 2013

6WS - relaxing weekend, here's how its done

So I'm sitting on the back deck of a friend of a friends holiday shack on the Yorke Peninsula, the nearest town is about 38km away and the beach is a mere 100 metres away.

With the wonders of modern technology I have just connected to my shiny new mobile wifi despite there not being a mobile tower in site. I'm truly out in the middle of nowhere and the silence is deafening.

The dog is asleep at my feet, I wore her out with a nice long walk along the coast path above the beach. She was beside herself with joy with all of the wild animal smells, the beach below us and no leash. She fairly galloped along smelling and exploring to her hearts content.

The weather is a beautiful 25 degrees celcius and the only annoying thing are the flies - last day of winter and it seems they may be a bit confused by the seasons?

Hubby and four of his mates are on site at a friends holiday home doing the concreting for the shed. So it's just me, the dog and mother nature at her finest as we sit and write on the back deck. I have an obvious love for writing on verandahs and decks in the great outdoors it seems.

Last time we came over here was only six weeks ago and it was freezing cold and rained almost nonstop. I wore three layers of clothes and gumboots to go walking. What a change a few weeks makes.

For anyone who follows my blog regularly, you'll be pleased to know that I can stop whinging about the cough from hell - it's finally gone. I have slept soundly for the last two nights after two weeks of constantly disrupted sleep. There is no greater bliss than an uninterrupted nights sleep. Kind of brings back the horrors of new parenthood doesn't it?

I finally signed up for my writing course with the Sydney Writers Centre, so I might finish my assignment this afternoon and then spend some quality time enjoying the sunshine - someone has to do it you know. I will also put some more words on the page for my next novel in preparation for my upcoming visit to the writers group session next week.

Of course now that I'm feeling healthier I can finally start getting the wheels turning and making things happen. I've had two job interviews so far and I have a few other things in the pipeline at the moment, so now it's just a waiting game. I hate waiting for things, but it seems my body had other plans and wanted me to have a few weeks rest before I got stuck into the next stage of my journey.

Happy weekend everyone. I'll send a little sunshine and beautiful weather for those who want it and I may just throw in a couple of pesky little out of season flies so you can get the full feel of my blissful afternoon.

I'm feeling a little excited now, onward and upward from here, so many plans and things to achieve and now I have the energy to start doing them. So what have you been focusing on lately?

Before I go - here's a big Happy Birthday for today Mum - love ya heaps and Happy Fathers Day for all the dad's tomorrow - especially mine xxx

Cheers, Fi


  1. Happy Birthday to your mom! Have a great weekend.

  2. So jealous. Glad your cough is finally gone. What I wouldnt give for a deck to relax on all by myself. It has been a week! Take care.

    1. I'd willingly share my deck with you, in fact I'd also really really like my own deck at home. Hope everything is okay x

  3. Glad you're feeling better and enjoy those verandahs!

    P.S. Flies have arrived safely. Thank you ; )


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