Sunday, November 11, 2012

Paying it forward...because we can

Do you remember years ago there was a movie based on a story about a little boy who wanted to pay it forward, that is he wanted to do a good deed for someone else and then pay it forward to another. It's now a well known saying and there's even a Pay it Forward Day.

I heard those words recently when a friend spoke about her fathers death, she said the one thing she wanted others to do was to make a point of catching up with just one person they hadn't seen for a while because they had been too busy.

She wanted others to keep paying it forward and take time out of their busy days to catch up with just one person who mattered in their lives. She's been experiencing first hand the despair from loved ones who didn't take the time to catch up with her father and are now saddened that they didn't do it sooner.

As we walk down this path of life, we meet people who change our lives or we hear about those who make a difference in the lives of others. Here's a couple of stories to remind us how simply amazing some people can be even when served up with 'life's shitty moments'.

They're able to pay the goodness forward through their own generosity or desire to make a difference.

The shirt off your back (or the shoes off your feet) - Jodi Lobozzo Aman shares this story.

Jasmine- my mum sent me this story via an email which is doing the rounds. I've provided the link to the web page (be sure and watch the video)

At a bus stop with popcorn - from the Help Others website

So to all of you, as a favour to my friend (and to me) - why not pay it forward and catch up with just one person who you've been meaning to catch up with, but be sure and do it this week. Or alternatively, share a little bit of generosity with another just because you can and for no return whatsoever.

Feel free to come back and share your pay if forward moment with me.


  1. What a fantastic post and a constant reminder to us all. I am going to do just that this week- no today. Thanks.

  2. Thank you Fi. I will keep your request in mind and try to find the perfect way to pay it forward this week.


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