Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Mind over money

I didn't win the sweep in the Melbourne Cup today (only Australia's biggest horse race which reportedly stops the nation). I also didn't win the $100 million X lotto draw that was on tonight (the biggest in Australian history)

But life is still good - would anyone really want to win $100 million? I'm sure life would change too much, no matter how much you could say it wouldn't. Surely health and happiness are the best kinds of wealth.

Okay so this quote did make me laugh though "Money can't buy happiness. But somehow it's much more comfortable to cry in a Lamborghini than on a bicycle". Reminds me of the other day when one of my husbands drunken cousins bemoaned the fact that he had to wind the window up manually on my sister-in-laws car rather than being able to push an electric button. If that's the biggest pain in life, than life must be pretty good.

That's not saying that I would turn my nose up at a few extra dollars so that I could take off on my travels around the world and write my books. But gazillions of dollars would make me fearful of taking my grandson to the shops for fear someone would steal him - that's not living in my opinion.

How many people do you think enter big lottery draws and deep down they hope that they don't win the big one? I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels that way, or am I? Ironically I wrote an affirmation in my journal this morning from an e-book I'm reading, it was - I attract all kinds of prosperity in expected and unexpected ways. I have more money than I will ever need.

I guess there's many more things that have a greater priority in my life than cold, hard cash. I'm focused on finding a job that I enjoy and which challenges me, writing more books, having my good friends and family around me, experiencing fun times and feeling like I make a difference. If you do the things you love then surely the rest will fall into place?

Here's a website I found tonight which was jam packed with ideas for anyone who wants to quit their job and take off around the world (yeah that's in my other life - the one where my children have grown up and are self supporting) The free e-book also has some good stuff in it.

So which end of the scale is your dream life in terms of the cost involved, massive or miniscule? Mine is probably moderate - but I guess the amount required is measured by everyone's different views. My moderate might be considerable for some, but miniscule for others. Yeah forget that question.

As I get ready to publish this post the news is reporting that there are 4 X lotto winners who will each win $28million. Better them than me though, because who really needs that much money?


  1. I agree. I'd like to make enough money to live comfortably and by comfortably I mean the bills are paid, the house is comfortable (honestly a 1400 sq footer works for me), and I still have some money left over to go out to dinner once in a while. I agree on the big jackpot wins, too. To me, the "wildest dream jackpot" would be enough to pay off my parents', brother's, and my mortgage. Wouldn't life with a house but no house payment be a dream a come true?

    1. Ann couldn't agree more, no house payment would certainly make life easier. I like your wildest dream jackpot idea - mine is very similar. Brother's mortgage and purchase houses for my children though


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