Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Calibrating my thoughts

Every morning I have a routine, I drive the almost hour long drive to work and then I sit in my car in the car park and I write two pages of free writing, it's something I've been doing for a couple of months now.

I don't enter the building where there are distractions and I don't do it before I leave home because then all I'm thinking of is the traffic and getting to work on time. The car park is best for me. I'm sure people wonder what I'm doing, sitting in my car every morning.

Morning pages are meant to assist with clearing your mind, settling the chatter in your head and freeing up your thinking. It works - well it does for me at least.

Yesterday I forgot my journal.

It kind of threw my whole day into chaos, that and the fact that my eyes have been so sore and bothering me so much. I never realised how disgusting irritated eyes can make you feel. I was just miserable - a friend suggested garlic and horseradish tablets - I'm thinking I need something more than what I've been taking.

I gave in today and worked from home so I could leave my makeup off and my contact lenses out. It was a spectacular 'hayfever' day, hot with strong winds. Sadly it's also bushfire weather and as I write this post there's an out of control fire burning on the west coast of South Australia.

Morning showers forecast to arrive at midnight - bring 'em on.

Have you noticed how quickly your goals and dreams slip down the importance list when life happens and when you not feeling well gets in the way? I haven't been writing much lately, I haven't even been reading or commenting much either. I've been super busy and life gets like that. I occasionally need to readjust my thinking, or calibrate my thinking as my boss would say.

Here's some snippets of inspiration which I've discovered or been sent recently which have assisted the calibration process;
  • Fifty things to love about life which are free
  • I love these paintings by Flora Bowley
  • Michael Hyatt reminds me why it's important to live your dream even when it scares you to death.
  • 56 Quotes to inspire you and me
  • A blog post which was sent to me by a friend with this beautiful paragraph "Creating is not a quick act. It is not a solo act. It is not a soulless act of productivity. It is about  nourishing the soul and about reaching your full height as a person. It should take all the time you have in your life and all the influences you encounter. It is about growing." you can find the post here.
Life is just a never ending re-calibration process, or a re-inspiration process.

As I post this, the rain has started to fall and the thunder is booming - love summer storms


  1. As John Lennon said - "Life is what happens when you're making other plans." I've learned to sneak my writing in at work, it's the only time I find any time where I'm not interrupted by something.

  2. Fabulous list -- and sorry to hear about the hayfever -- I could send you our snow... :)


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