Monday, October 8, 2012

Something so simple...

There's nothing as frustrating as a brand new computer which doesn't do what it's meant to do, especially when you sound dumb trying to explain what it's doing wrong. Publishing software and MS Office and I'm all over it both what it does and the best way to create something amazing.

Hardware and browsers though and I have no idea. My new computer (which wasn't a cheap version) was not keeping up with my typing speed when online and while I do okay, I'm certainly not the worlds fastest typist. Searching for images meant it moved as slow as a slug and I was ready to hurl it through a window.

A call to my computer guru, more feeling dumb as I tried to explain what my computer was doing, or not doing and then my suggestion of a solution to the problem. He agreed that my suggestion would be what he tried first. Hence bye bye Internet Explorer and hello Mozilla Firefox.

Now suddenly my typing keeps pace with my fingers, half my words don't disappear into cyber space and life is good in my world again. It seems Blogger wasn't much liking the latest version of Internet Explorer with all the other little goodies on my computer.

I've tolerated several weeks of frustration. How dumb am I?

Have you put up with something frustrating for longer than you should have because of cost or effort or not wanting to rock the boat? Mine was more that we'd spent a fortune and I wasn't sure how to explain what it was doing or whether it was simply me taking time to adapt to the 'change'.

Something so simple...


  1. That's funny. I have the exact opposite problem. Firefox runs like a snail on my computer and I can't get anything done. I wonder if different computers just like different programs.

  2. I've never been happy with IE,it's always been Mozilla for me. I did try Safari once and got snail's pace, maybe 'cause I don't have an Apple? Hmmm, computers seem to be as unique as their owners. :D

  3. Computers are marvellous *when* they do what we want them to do. How exciting having a new one to play with. The answer to your question... relationships, friendships, family members who suck the life from me...these are what I tend to hang on to longer than I should.

  4. don't talk to me about computers!! :) we are having a difficult relationship at the moment.

    I love the photo and quote -- lovely!


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