Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Slip, slop, slap a little paint

I had to clear a space on my kitchen table tonight to be able to write. I normally sit cross legged on the lounge with my laptop in my lap. You only realise just how small your house is when you take everything out of the largest room and spread it through the house.

My youngest son is painting our lounge room during his school holidays and as a result my house looks like a bomb has dropped on it. There's dust over everything from the sanding and there's plastic covering the lounge room floor. No sneaking around my house at the moment.

He's doing an amazing job for a kid who has never painted before, but my kids are a bit like that, super talented at whatever they put their minds to. I stripped the wallpaper off the lounge room walls 16 years ago when I was pregnant with the youngest, it's taken this long for the walls to be painted. Lets face it, anything was going to look better.

Hubby has built a monster shed, put up verandahs and pergolas, remodelled the gardens - but when it comes to painting, well he's not overly keen on that job. Not that I was either, hey we're outdoors people. We sleep and shower in our house and that's about it. Besides when I'm sitting on the lounge writing, I don't much care what the walls look like.

My mother is the master of publicity, I can't believe how many people have bought my book or commented on it because of her sharing the link. I've told her that when I'm rich and famous and the author of numerous books then I'll pay her to be my Publicity Manager.

It's just not the same sitting at the kitchen table to write, I'm definitely a computer in my lap kind of person. Sitting at the table feels like I'm working.

I'm off to do a little bit more blog hopping before bed.




  1. My kids aren't old enough to paint the house yet, but I'm filing that one away! LOL. What's the link to your book, I'd be interested in checking it out. One day I'll have a link of my own. :)

    1. I'm guessing you found my link and as long as you believe then you will have your own link

    2. I'm presently reveling in my not-as-stupid-as-I-thought glory, I figured out how to put a link for followers on my blog. It's so sad sometimes. LOL I'm with you on belief, my mom already has the Jag picked out that I owe her when I'm rich and famous. :)

  2. What is it about sitting on the couch with the laptop vs. sitting at the table that makes the difference between enjoyment and work? I feel the same way! I think it comes from my parents making me do my homework at the kitchen table. Now if I sit there to do anything, it definitely comes from a different perspective. I'm so excited your book is taking off!

  3. Anytime I have to sit in a hard chair I'm usually not enjoying myself!


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