Sunday, October 14, 2012

My vision - one step at a time

So I've been busy this week (yes, as opposed to any other week) and I've finished my website. I'm just waiting on some final domain linking which apparently can take several hours to update and then I can unleash it on the world.

The beauty of the internet today is that you can figure out how to do pretty much anything with a little bit of exploring and reading. I've discovered how to format and publish my own Kindle book (need a little bit of improvement in this area but life is a learning experience after all) and now I've figured out how to purchase my choice of domain and then how to link it to my writer website (assuming the linking works in a couple of hours of course)

But then if it doesn't then I'm sure there's information to tell me how to troubleshoot any problems. All of these are steps to my bigger goal of establishing a freelance career in writing and design - still a ways to go but all of it takes baby steps.

I also discovered new social media sharing buttons which are super easy to install if anyone is interested, directions can be found here Add This. I wanted them for my website but ended up changing what I had here as well because it was so easy. I found it easier to use the add to website option and then just put it in a HTML gadget box, because the Blogger option didn't put them where I wanted them.

I've also been reading two books in conjunction with each other recently because of a strong re-focus on goals and affirmations. I'm still working through the Artists Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity, but I'm also reading Mind over Money: How to Program Your Mind to Wealth. They both fit well with writing morning pages and the second one has plenty of appropriate affirmations.

I've put copies of 4 vision boards I created today at the end of this post. They focus on my four key affirmations for my life. Each of these then have their own set of small goals and steps.

The irony of all this, whilst I designed and mapped out my 'perfect life' today, my husband and middle son were agreeing to disagree about life and how they communicate with each other. Oh darn, that could be half my problem - I forgot to include the words calm and serenity on my vision board.

I love living with a houseful of males, I do honest - especially when they're all sleeping!

So what do your vision boards look like and what do you have mapped out for your life?



  1. You are right that the internet can teach us to do anything. I love how you are such a "go out and get it done" person! This is the type of drive I try to explain to my students that will lead to success. You are such an inspiration!

    1. Thank you - takes an inspiration to know one. You inspire me also

  2. Wow -- you have been busy!

    But... I don't see Canada anywhere in your travels... and in particular, the Canadian Rockies and the Calgary Stampede and visiting me! :)

    1. Of course I'd come and visit you, I guess the US and Canada didn't make it to my list because I've been to both places - but no I haven't been to visit you or the Canadian Rockies, or the Calgary Stampede

  3. Just peace and quiet and security. Not much right? ; )

  4. Hey girl! Loving your visions! Make sure to let us know your website so we can help you promote it. I am sorry I havent been around much, reading your blog of course, just haven't had much time to comment lately on any. I am sure you can relate. Life has been a bit hairy; thought I had my visions and then life sends you a curve ball. We need to catch up soon. Have a great rest of the week.


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