Sunday, September 30, 2012

Harnessing the magic...

Country air has magical qualities in it, but I think it only works on city folk. It makes anything seem possible and everything seem achievable. How simple everything seems when you can take a step back and breathe and just be...

In the country I can live an idealised life for a couple of days and get back to being me. No stress, no pressure, no expectations. How perfect life would be if it was like that all the time. The thing is, it would probably also get kind of routine and boring after a while as well.

The lesson I need to take home with me is in taking some of those elements from my country living and incorporating them back into my city living.

In the country I wake to the sounds of nature, I roll out of bed and make myself a milky coffee and read the paper or a magazine whilst enjoying my coffee. No haste, no rush. I then take my mum and dad's dog for a walk down country roads at a leisurely pace (I miss my own puppy lots)

My adopted puppy is not used to strolls down country roads and puffs and pants a lot, but is entirely enthusiastic about his venture into the great outdoors.

A nice cooked breakfast follows and then I read my emails and do some blog surfing. Then I write, all day if I wish. No interuptions, no requests to help with anything, no washing or house work calling my name, no children wanting assistance with anything. I write, as simple as that.

I can sit in the garden amidst the beautiful flowers and nature and soak up the sights and sounds of spring. (Yes so the rain has held off and while it's cool outside the sun is still shining)

At night, I write some more and read some more. By evening though I'm almost all written out and I'm tired. Country air is tiring, there must be something in it that makes you sleepy. It could also be that my mind is not racing a hundred miles an hour and has time to wind down and relax.

Tomorrow I drive home with infinite wisdom. I know what I have to do, I know what I should do, it's just a matter of doing it. My little circle of female loved ones (mum, sister-in-law and what do you call your sister-in-laws mum, oh she's just mum too) they've all added their words of support and knowing to what I already know (girl power is strong if limited in our testesterone laden family)

My infinite wisdom - look after me, do what's right for me and stop putting up with crap. I could possibly harness and bottle that kind of wisdom, if only I knew how. I need to ensure that I make time to write and relax every day amidst the drama of life, because this is what keeps me balanced.

We all need a little time away from it all, so my advice to all of you - escape to the country if you can, because the air truly is magical and family support does wonders for the soul.

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