Sunday, September 16, 2012

Planning my happy 'daze'

Today I'm getting serious - my goals are all being fully documented and prioritised - what I want and when I want it by, step-by-step of how I will get there. No more talking about it, or having rough notes about what I want or worse still, having it all in my head. It's now down on paper (well on my computer in a spreadsheet at least)

Here are the facts on goal setting - (there's numerous facts, figures and data out there, but it all says much of the same)
  • 80 percent of people never set goals for themselves
  • Of the 20% of the population that does set goals, roughly 70 percent fail to achieve the goals they have set
  • Of the 20% that do write down goals, only 20% regularly review them
  • 3 percent of the population set goals consistently, and are among the wealthiest people in the country.
With all of this in mind, I've created a combined mix of different ideas, to come up with what works for me to record and monitor my progress. I'm big on templates and spreadsheets and attractive ways of recording information. I'm also big on colour. Colour makes even the most boring things more interesting.

Once I get it all sorted, I'll share. That's all part of it isn't it - sharing and learning from each other. Do any of you have something that works for you that you've discovered or created?

I also found this following list in my web wide travels, a useful reminder of simple ways to be creative and how to nurture that creativity in your day to day life
  • Try to be surprised by something every day.
  • When something strikes a spark of interest, follow it.
  • Recognize that if you do anything well it becomes enjoyable.
  • To keep enjoying something, increase its complexity.
  • Make time for reflection and relaxation – daydream.
  • Look at problems from as many viewpoints as possible.
  • Produce as many unlikely ideas as possible.
  • Capture ideas by writing them down immediately. (Keep a journal by your bed and in your car.)
  • Challenge yourself to do or try new things even if you might fail.
  • Broaden your repertoire of knowledge in new areas that aren’t natural for you.
  • Surround yourself with diverse stimuli – new environments and new people.
The Bold Living Guide: 7 Key Ingredients for a Meaningful Life by Barrie Davenport is available here

We've lost two people this year who were the same age as me, two other friends have also lost cherished ones from their lives. Life is too short to be waiting until tomorrow or the next day to make your dreams a reality.

All of this is part of the process of living a worthwhile life and being a better me - so what are you doing to make your life a better one?

Cheers, Fi

This site is worth checking out  
 Rules for a Happy Life (Tumbler quotes and images)
(Number 76 is my lesson for this week)


  1. Sharing your goals also helps you to reach them as they become more real. I'm so proud of all you do! I am working on The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, as that is the theme of my school. I have found that the habit to Sharpen the Saw (take time for me to refresh) doesn't come quite as easily as one would expect!

    1. Well hello stranger, it's nice to see you around. I miss not vsiting your blog and I don't go on Facebook that often. I read that book many years ago - perhaps I need to refresh my knowledge of it. Thanks for the reminder.

    2. It has been so crazy keeping up with work, the girls, and Daniel. I miss my blog, but I wouldn't be able to keep up at all right now. It's good to "see" you, too!

    3. Well I hope that all of it (the girls, work and Daniel) are keeping a smile on your face

    4. For the most part. I broke my arm at work two weeks ago, so that's been a challenge. The rest is going pretty well.

    5. OMG - that's not good. Do I want to even begin to wonder how a teacher breaks her arm at work? Hope you have a speedy recovery.

    6. Embarrasingly enough, I was walking and turned to talk to another teacher. Apparently I didn't lift my foot up high enough between the grass and the sidewalk. Ug! Thanks for the wishes for a speedy recovery!

    7. Interesting read on goal setting. I've written a similar article on "Sharpening the Saw" in my blog at

  2. I love that first one - try to be surprised by something every day.


  3. Very inspiring. I love the depth in your post. Thanks for sharing.
    My blog is about chasing dreams too:). We can inspire each other!!


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