Wednesday, September 12, 2012

My Inner Control Freak

I hate messing up - but then I don't know anyone who doesn't.

Deleting something vital from my internet security program could be considered messing up. As a result, my computer runs and then becomes slower than a slug when something in the background shuts down after about 5 minutes.

I'm hoping the repair that I've done has fixed it, but we'll see soon enough. I'm also thinking it's almost time for a new laptop. A new computer won't fix blonde moments when I delete vital components, but it will remove the need for me to problem solve which results in stuff ups.

I read the following in a newsletter I subscribe to (I'd provide the details if I could remember which newsletter I got the info from) anyway, it seemed quite relevant for me following my agro with the 'men' in my world in my last post.
If you can and should fix it, do so. If you can't or shouldn't, don't. When you feel that control freak inside you rising to the surface, ready to save the day or chew someone out, take a slow deep breath and count to five. Repeat the words - I relinquish control. I'm at peace, I'm calm and all is well
Good advice both for home and for work. My inner control freak is sometimes quite overbearing and out-of-control. It also suffers from selective hearing and possibly causes more damage than good sometimes.

Why as mothers do we feel the need to organise, control and guide our families?

Middle son and his girlfriend have been housesitting for one of his mates' mum this week while they're in Bali. I have deliberately restrained myself from ringing him to check up on him. He hasn't come home for food, despite telling me they probably would. This is me relinquishing control. I just need to do a better job with oldest son though and not get so worked up about him.

Work is busy, busy, busy and I'm still trying to kick this dumb cough. I think I used to cough less as a smoker. Consequently this week I just feel like I'm running a never ending marathon because of the cough disturbing my sleep. I'm looking forward to a full nights sleep with no coughing, surely it can't be too far away.

Hope your week is going well

Cheers, Fi

No quote for this post - my computer is obviously not cured and has slowed to slug speed again, so too hard to find a suitable quote in any short space of time.

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  1. Messing up is good for the soul - it gives us lots of teachable moments to reflect on.

    At least, that's my theory. And I'm sticking to it -- hope your computer and your system clear itself of bugs!


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