Saturday, September 22, 2012

Sunshine makes me happy...

My new baby
My new laptop keyboard is extremely challenging. My nice, shiny new laptop has a numeric keypad on it, so all the buttons are slightly to the left of where they should be so my typing is fairly dyslexic at the moment. There's that funny little concept of change and how painfully disconcerting something that's new can be.

Changing basic patterns of behaviour which you didn't even know had a discernible pattern. It's not only the keyboard being off centre but the delete button is in a different place, the buttons feel different and the software setup is different. Boy am I a creature of habit, or what?

Something as simple as this truly helps me appreciate what we're doing on the project for work and just how uncomfortable we're going to make people feel. A new laptop that's set up differently is small potatoes compared to what's coming for them.

After months of searching, I've finally worked out exactly which course I want to do. Now I just have to figure out a gentle way to break the news to hubby about the cost. It's possibly a little bit close on the heels of a new laptop for me to hit him with this one yet. Thank you internet friends - please keep your mouths shut when talking to hubby.

So a brief update on the life and times in our little neck of the woods. My parents are winging their way back from Europe tonight and will arrive in Adelaide tomorrow amidst the forecasted rain and cold. Today was sunshine and a balmy spring day worthy of tee shirts and shorts. Tomorrow we're back to the cold and the rain.

Sunshine is so much better for energising a person than cold and wet. I'm not sure how people survive in cold, dark and dismal climates.

My boss has four more working days to go and then he jets off to Singapore and Kuala Lumpur for a pre new job vacation. Europe, Singapore - don't want to hear about any of it. An overseas trip is on the agenda for next year and that's all there is to it. Hubby can stay home if he doesn't want to come, the boys will come with me - at least 1 or more of them.

So potentially in my near future - I have lots of work and no boss to help with the fallout. Roll on sunshine, I think I'm going to need all the energy I can muster.

Hope you're enjoying some sunshine wherever you are.



  1. Change of any sort is hard. I can't seem to get used to where my husband moved the clock in our living room. I keep looking at the blank spot on the wall to tell the time, but it's just not there. Sometimes I just give up and walk away. Talk about not adjusting to change well! LOL I hope your sunny weather comes back soon!

    1. Clocks are the best for showing us what creatures of habit we are. I still look at the lounge wall where our clock used to be :-)

  2. As we both have written numerous times, change is hard but necessary most times. Glad you got your new computer up and running. Where overseas are you thinking...Always welcome on US soil, west coast sorry to hear about the fall out at work, but everything happens for a reason...sometimes we dont know what that reason is until awhile later, but there is a reason. Keep your chin up and enjoy the every other day sunshine...almost summer! Turning fall here. I am going to hopefully go out and get some pics of the leaves changing here soon. Need to get some fresh body is telling me to slow down...missed church today, no kids at the moment, catching up on some blog reading, commenting, writing...

    1. Sounds like you're in desperate need of some down time my friend. I'm leaning more towards Europe at the moment (having done the West coast of the US twice) maybe we'll meet up in Europe one day soon though. I guess my thing is I don't just want a couple weeks holiday, I want to travel and wander for a length of time (all in good time and maybe not next year but soon)


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