Thursday, September 20, 2012

When your computer dies...

My computer died a rapid death, which possibly could have had something to do with that item I inadvertently deleted - turns out it was an essential part of my security set up. The evidence of impending death was that I couldn't connect to anything on the internet, at all.

Such is life, eveything has been slowing down for quite a while, it's old and tired - my laptop that is. That's in part why I haven't been commenting or doing much visiting this week. Tonight I bought my work laptop home to catch up on some reading and visiting.

Everything happens for a reason though, my new computer should be ready by Saturday when our computer guru finishes loading all of my software on to it and setting it up. Hubby is taking possession of my old one and the guru has restored and cleaned up that one as well.

I could have updated the laptop for me but it still struggled due to the software I had on it. I purchased the Adobe CS5 suite but haven't really been able to use it because it takes forever to load up. Hubby only wants it for playing music and checking emails - so all good.

Big changes afoot at work again and I'm not sure that my decisions are the correct ones. I'm second guessing myself alot. I have some more planning to do and some structured goals to complete.

For the record, I also discovered another really interesting book (yes another one) This one is about manifesting and if you believe in that sort of thing then it's extremely interesting. Too many things have happened in my life that I've planned for, envisaged  and then have happened for me not to believe. That might sound like hoodoo, but it is what it is.

Here's the e-book 'Create the Life of Your Dreams in 10 Fun, Easy Steps'
and here's her website
Okay lots of visiting to do and plenty of emails to read. Have a great week

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  1. It’s great news that you got yourself a new laptop, Fi! Accidentally deleted files can usually be fixed by a system recovery, but you lose all the files in your hard disk in the process. I hope you have a back-up of your files, especially if you have important documents in your laptop. I think everything’s back to normal now, so cheers!


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