Friday, November 18, 2011

Synchronicity - is it, or not?

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I love the idea of synchronicity because to me it proves just how much the world moves in mysterious ways.

Tonight I wasn't going to post, because instead of posting I was meandering my way around the blogosphere doing some reading and visiting.

I found a new blog to read, it was via one of 56 comments left on a blog that I visit regularly.

I was drawn to one - a comment by 'Being Me' and yeah the name resonated for obvious reasons. My whole purpose is about just 'being me' and doing it well. The blog is called 'Finding the Sunny Side Up', which obviously also appealed to my positive thinking side.

Now for the synchronicity - the most current post has a mandala in it (mandalas being my latest discovery), the picture on the header was a South Australian picture - SA being my home state and she has a cat who is the spitting image of my own cat. I wasn't going to comment but I couldn't resist. My comment probably made me sound like a stalker though.

There are so many of the blogs which I visit regularly where I have experienced similar moments of this synchronicity. Common interests, similar lives, shared similarities. I guess it's recognising some of our own traits in another and appreciating them more because of that recognition.

The thing is that synchronicity isn't just about the similarities - it's about discovering something or someone just as you've posted about it yourself or when you're searching for information about something and you find it via an unusual path, not where you would expect to find it.

Earlier this year when I was writing my novel, which in my head I had already entitled 'When life gives you lemons, make lemonade' (not sure that the title will remain, but in essence it was the theme of the story).

Anyway, I discovered Cate's 'Show my Face' blog and her Six Word Saturday blog hops and the only blog name that stood out from the roughly 50 blog names was one called the exact same title as my book. It was almost like the kick I needed to finish my novel, the validation that I was on the right path. Strange but true, in my thinking anyway.

So there you go - synchronicity is an amazing thing and I'm sure half of us don't recognise or appreciate the circles of events and happenings and moments which overlap, touch and rebound at all times through our lives.

So why not keep your eyes open and discover the sychronicity of life. I'm certain that it's the little things that matter and which make a difference to our enjoyment of life.

Before I go, I just googled synchronicity and found this gem of an explanation  'Synchronicities are people, places or events that your soul attracts into your life to help you evolve to higher consciousness or to place emphasis on something going on in your life'.

Do you ever feel like some days your mind (or fingers on the keyboard) just run away from you?

Cheers, Fi


  1. "Do you ever feel like some days your mind (or fingers on the keyboard) just run away from you?" Everyday, all the time. LOL. The name of your book, which I never knew...I was reading somewhere just the other day and was so close to posting on my FB, "When life gives you lemons, ask for some salt and tequila." How about that for a title? LOL.

  2. Hi Fi, so happy you commented and that I have now 'met' you! I love synchronistic resonance and draw from it my lessons and healing (for myself or others I am responsible for) often. Thank you so much for sharing the beauty of what you discovered. Hope to cross paths again sometime soon.

  3. Synchronicity helps spirits align.

    Love the quote!


    (and so glad you chose to blog!)


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