Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The pattern of my life

Good day, bad day, good day, bad day. That's the pattern of my life and probably most other working mothers. Yesterday was a bad day, today is a better day.

I must also remind myself that the pattern of my life is also interspersed with colour and movement and love and creativity, no matter how hard it gets.

Everyone in the house is playing nice today and work was bearable as well, so I can't complain too loudly.

The Melbourne Cup was run today, so in true form we had an afternoon tea and drinks at work and all watched the race on television.

This is the premier Australian horse race of the year and the whole of Australia stops to watch the race. Well most workplaces allow you to stop and watch anyway. So even if you're not into horse racing, why wouldn't you take advantage of food and alcohol and an afternoon break.

Every year I pick the winner from roughly 25 horses, yet I've learnt that as soon as I put money on it then it usually finishes near last. So I just go in the $2 sweeps at work and take whatever horse I'm given and I never win. In true form I picked the winner again this year. I think once I commit myself to a bet on the race then I second guess my inner voice and I don't just choose with my gut, so I no longer try.

For some it's the social event of the year and fashion is almost as big as the race itself. Me, I think I missed the fashion gene because I couldn't think of anything worse than spending enough money to buy a small country on some fancy outfit. I'm also not really a fan of horse racing and I don't drink champagne. I'm truly not a girly girl am I?

Please take note, Sunday was a monumental day for me - I extracted my first draft of my novel from the cupboard where I had buried it and I began my first edits. They say you need to put your story away for several weeks and then go back to it with fresh eyes and mind. Well it's been several months and damn it if I don't think it's actually really good.

It's a huge day on World Moms Blog today / tomorrow (depending on where you are in the world), so you need to pop by and check out what they're doing and then tomorrow come back here for my contribution.

Cheers, Fi

Success is following the pattern of life one enjoys most ~ Al Capp

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  1. I'm learning to embrace every day as a great day, with good and not so good happenings!

    And congratulations -- yeah! You pulled it out of the cupboard and it's still good. You rock!


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