Sunday, November 20, 2011

Finding that magic feeling...

No blogging yesterday because I was on Nani duty so that DIL could celebrate her birthday with a few drinks and some time with her friends. You forget how time consuming little people are, especially once your own kids get older.

This little guy is the most mellow, happy baby I have ever come across and yes he's taken a big hold of his nani's heart. He just laughs and smiles and giggles - in between eating and sleeping. I seriously would have had 10 babies if they all had of been like him.

None of my three boys, who admittedly were good babies, were as blissed out as this little fellow. He's starting rolling and moving, so it won't be long till he's really mobile. My favourite time is coming closer, when he starts moving and discovering and talking.

I went to log onto my laptop late this afternoon and shock, horror - no internet connection, despite both boys being on computers or X-Box with internet connection. Tried everything, said lots of swear words, stomped my feet, said more swear words - nothing.

Took it out to the shed for hubby to look at and disrupted his socialising. He did all of the things that son and I had already tried with the same result - nothing. So I sulked a bit more and then read my book instead. I could have got on hubby's computer in the bedroom, but the need wasn't that bad.

Half of my  blogging experience is because I can sit on the lounge and write in front of the TV with my family around me, not shut up in the bedroom on a fixed computer. Then my superhero farewelled his friend who'd he'd been sharing a quiet beer with in the man cave and came inside. Half an hour of him messing with my computer and here I am - back online. Yay!

I can write, design, blog and even figure out how to work most software, but the technical side in terms of hardware - no bloody idea.

I've been doing some serious thinking in terms of what I want to do when the project finishes. Yes, okay possibly a little premature because we still have three years to go, but never to soon to be planning and setting goals.

I'm pretty certain that I would be offered another job somewhere within the company, it's been inferred by one of the managers and I know my knowledge would raise my value to them. By the end of the project though I will have racked up almost 14 years of service with the company and I'm pretty certain that by then it will be time to spread my wings.

In fact that's what I'm aiming for, they would have to offer me a pretty amazing job with some incredible dollars for me to stay. Through my work with this project I'm discovering where my strengths and my talents really are and more importantly what I enjoy doing. Working with the internet and web design, writing and designing communication solutions - this is where my true desire lies.

So I'm going to look at some further study with web design, and possibly a public relations slant and see where that could take me. Current boss who is from a consultancy firm (I have 2 bosses) has already told me that when the project is over he will line me up with all the contacts that I need, because I have the talent and could be earning big dollars.

Money aside, knowing that your talents are appreciated is a big boost when you doubt your own ability occasionally. I sometimes find it amazing that it has taken me forty years (admittedly that's only twenty two years of working life) to find something that I really enjoy and am good at.

How are teenagers expected to know what they want to do with their lives? For that matter, how many people spend half their lives searching for that magic feeling?

Well that's enough of letting my mind and fingers run wild on the keyboard - have a great week all and I hope that you have that magic feeling in your life.

Cheers, Fi

The universe is full of magical things, patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper ~ Eden Phillpotts


  1. And who was it, not all that many years ago, that was horrified at the thought of using a computer!!!

    My, my - how quickly we adapt to technology and the joys it brings!

    I'm positive that you will blitz anything you attempt - you are a true achiever and I'm so proud you are my daughter!

  2. I once had that feeling,
    but the company went bankrupt...
    Oh well!!

  3. Fi! No pics of the grandson! Your fired! I am at a cross roads too with my job. Been here 16 years, run the show but need to do something different, burned out. Good at what I do, love what I do, but would rather do it on my own and or even do something different. My passion is helping people. Been thinking about going into social work, non profit, etc. Just finding the right fit.

  4. I honestly don't think teenagers should go straight to college for this exact reason. Of course they don't know what they want to do with their lives! They should "date" jobs for awhile and find what they really want to do. When they find something that is a passion for them, they should do the training and schooling it takes. That's just my opinion after wasting 5 years in community college because I didn't know what I wanted to do with my life. When I was ready, at age 33, I went back to school and got the teaching degree that I hold so dear now. It wouldn't have meant much in my younger days other than being a job and a paycheck. I hope that makes sense.

    Sorry I'm chiming in so late. I'm just now getting to some of my old emails and reading blogs I haven't been able to since school started.


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