Friday, August 12, 2011

Watch out world - woman on a mission

Long day today - back at work after 3 1/2 days of feeling icky, no forget icky - I felt like absolute crap. Today was the test of whether I could keep up the non-smoking game and yeah me - I passed with flying colours. I even sat with the girls at lunchtime (all smokers) and had no desire to have one.

I've read all the quit smoking material and they say the worst time is 24 - 72 hours after giving up in terms of withdrawal symptoms, with headaches, mood swings and sleep disturbances being the worst complaints.

What a fantastic time to give up smoking, when you've had the flu and can sleep those first 72 hours away, you can also blame all the feeling yuck on the flu.

I actually feel really good today, lighter, happier - mainly because I'm starting to feel better (horrendous cough remains, but I can live with that for now) I was getting head spins today, not sure if it was because of a lack of food this week, limited caffeine intake, or no nicotine. Probably a combination of all of them. Could also have something to do with being vertical after so long being horizontal.

I've given up smoking before and stayed away from them for 5 years before starting up again but last time was really, really difficult - this time it's almost too easy and quite a bizarre feeling really. I know I still have weeks to go before I get through the danger zone, but for me the first week is the toughest and I've done it.

To that darling friend of mine who made a bet that if I lasted a month he'd buy me a carton of vodka pre-mix cans - you're off the hook because alcohol is not conducive to not smoking. But I'm going to do it anyway without the incentive.

Day 5 of the flu, day 4 of not smoking and my nose can smell everything (good and bad smelling) in a 100 mile radius. The flu is meant to mess up your sense of smell for ages, so all of this is a bit strange. The other thing, I'll now have to get back on that damn treadmill that is gathering dust in hubby's shed and gives all his mates a chuckle because I haven't been using it. Otherwise I'll end up looking like the side of a house.

How stupid is that, it's one of the things that has caused me to hestitate in giving up smoking previously, the worry of gaining weight - because I put on heaps of weight last time I quit. Vain, stupid and irrational reason to not give up something that's not healthy, but the mind works in dumb ways.

The difference this time (or what I'm reinforcing in my own mind anyway) is that I'm in a better head space this time and I've got plenty happening at work which helps motivate me. No weight gain will occur and I will be back on the treadmill as soon as my lungs have recovered enough from the flu that I can breathe properly without coughing up a lung.

So there's my grand plan of attack for the next few weeks - wish me luck. Hope you're climbing mountains and conquering obstacles.

Cheers, Fi

I may not be there yet, but I'm closer than I was yesterday. ~ Author Unknown

I used to have this saying below on my wall in my office and when I found it tonight, it seemed kinda fitting with my mood.

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  1. Way to go love - I'm proud of your efforts! Just think of all the money that won't be going up in smoke now!

    Plan something special as a treat for yourself with what you save in say, 3 months - that will be just in time for the big 40!

    Pleased to hear you are feeling better.


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