Sunday, August 7, 2011

The only time it counts

Following on from my post about inner and outer beauty yesterday - there's only one time that external beauty counts and that's when you're talking about babies.

All babies are gorgeous on the inside and the outside (well some of them look like monkeys at first - but they're still gorgeous)

Here's an updated photo of my beautiful grandson - now 6 weeks old. Still adorable and finally starting to grow into his skin, so now he doesn't look so scrawny.

I'm sure if babies could speak he would tell you his Nani is a freak. I took about 20 photos of him this afternoon, all pretty much the same but I think he was getting a kick out of turning his head or waving his arms in front of his face every time I clicked the button on the camera.

At least his eyes were open and he was looking at me - which is an improvement on him always being asleep when I visit.

Hubby's mate is here and my tranquil Sunday evening has just been shattered by the revving of a Harley Davidson - damn those bikes are loud. Boys, cars, bikes, noise and grease - there's no escaping it in my house, no matter where I hide. The more noise and mess it makes, the better it seems to be.

I'm off to cook dinner, have a great week all

Cheers, Fi

May you find serenity and tranquility in a world you may not always understand


  1. He's absolutely gorgeous, Fi.

    And I know what you mean about them looking like monkeys - we used to call our eldest ET for the first few weeks (I can say that on your blog, not on mine, my wife would kill me).

  2. darling baby boy! Congrats and have fun with him!

  3. He is too cute! Babies have a special way of melting your stress and worries away!

  4. Fi he is adorable and I agree with you babies are gorgeous inside and out. So cuddle too. I take tons of photos myself. Im sure they would say really! Again! :)

  5. How cute is he! I just want to pinch his little chubby cheeks, lightly of course.

  6. What a cutie! I can't believe it's been six weeks already. How is your DIL feeling? No more headaches?

  7. Oh isn't he just adorable now, they sure are precious- I must have a million trillion photos of my grands, that's what we are expected to do...and they change everytime we see them.

  8. back to my days working at the delivery room, when i had spare time, i'd go to the nursery and take care of some babies. to hold a new life from a just a few hours old to a couple of days is a special feeling. can't say i ever saw a truly ugly baby. sure, some had unfortunate features, but nothing plastic surgery couldn't fix... or nature would work its magic. you know how some kids look awkward and turn out as beautiful adults, and then you have those beautiful children, but they look a mess as adult. can't tell for sure what they'll be like. aside from genetics, i think there is a matter of choices and circumstances that shape people.

    that kid here is off to a good start, if you don't traumatize him too much with the camera...


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