Sunday, August 21, 2011

Soul Journey

There's something about spring days and sunshine, after so many wet, cold and grey days. Sunshine always energises me and makes me believe anything is possible. Okay so my energy levels are not back to their normal levels, but I'm slowly getting there - as frustrating as it is.

Do you ever feel like some things happen for a reason; you meet someone new, you read a book, watch a movie, hear something that resonates within you. I often have moments like this - I guess because I look for them as well.

Getting sick -  as painful and frustrating as it has been, has helped me give up smoking. A goal I've had for a long time but one which I've never actively pursued. See I liked smoking, I didn't really want to give up, but my body knew I needed to. I've given up before but strangely this time was easy, I was too sick too care and achieved what I wanted with no effort on my part.

I borrowed a book ages ago from the library and only sat down to read it last night. I haven't been reading a lot lately but with flagging energy levels, reading works for me at the moment. The book is called "Soul in my shoes". I'm up to page 49 and already the correlation between what the author Robyn writes about and my life prior to going to university are so similar that it's eerie.

Robyn writes about her life and her spiritual journey and it's almost like now is the time I need to be reading this book. There's a quote on the back of the book which says "You have brought to this life all the knowledge and wisdom your soul has gathered since it's inception. Do not limit self with life's perceptions. Know whatever your inner voice tells you, you can do. Also know there will always be the means to do it. Seek and you shall find. Ask, and it shall be yours"

Everything happens for a reason, even if we can't figure out the why or the how of it. Life is about making the most of those unexplained events and using them to our advantage.

One last thing before I go - in my sick mushy brain fog last week I forgot all about my personal interview going up on World Moms Blog. All of us who write for WMB are doing bios to re-introduce ourselves to new followers on the site. If you're interested you can read my interview here.

Have a great week all

Cheers, Fi

The road of life twists and turns and no two directions are ever the same. Yet our lessons come from the journey, not the destination ~ Don Williams Jnr


  1. "Do not limit self with life's perceptions" -- now that I needed to hear today -- for a reason!

    Thanks my friend.

    And it's funny to read your thoughts on spring as we move into fall -- very upside down world! :)

  2. And it was fun reading your bio!

    You were a young mom! LOL -- I was 32 when my first daughter was born -- and I still thought I was too young, not ready!!!

  3. Congrats on the quitting smoking! It is funny how things seem to work out on a level we would never dream or think of. It is like God says Im going to use this for the better and good. Hey! I have found that to be true in my life. Who'd think being sick would be good? Right? Glad you are feeling better.


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