Monday, August 8, 2011

Slowed down for just a fraction too long

Took my foot off the pedal of life just for a second and the dreaded flu bug mowed me down in the process. I felt disgusting this morning but dragged myself into work - by lunchtime I was home on the lounge. I should be thankful that middle MM was nice enough to share his bug with me.

Tonight he's on one lounge and I'm on the other. I haven't had the flu for years and I thought that I'd been doing a really good job of avoiding the others who had succumbed. It seems not. I slept all afternoon and I think I'll be staying in much the same place tomorrow - so I may be here the next day or two, I may not.

Rest and recovery - my body obviously needs it. It's a good thing flu germs can't be transferred through cyberspace - it means you're all safe and that I'm not sharing my bug. Stay healthy!

Cheers, Fi


  1. Hope you get better soon - make sure you get the rest and recovery, flu is really debilitating.

    And BTW I've just come from my friend Laughykate's blog (she lives in NZ) and she got flu, so don't be too sure about the germs and cyberspace. Remember, even software gets bugs.

  2. Take good care my friend.

    Be well soon.


  3. there are viruses in cyberspace...

    i think i'm gonna go wash my hands now!!



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