Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Televisions are hazardous!

Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way. Edward DeBono

I had the day off work on Monday to help mum and dad with their move to Renmark and am suffering for it. I was carrying a television that mum and dad had given me out to my car, before the removalists arrived and ended up flat on my back after a nasty slide on the white rocks in their front yard. Felt like an absolute idiot, but saved the TV.

Consequently I then had to have a sickie yesterday and spent my day flat on my back on the lounge. I have done some serious damage to my coccyx and feel like I have a knife up my butt, not a pleasant description, but that's how it is. I have also strained my neck, upper back and shoulder, however this was somewhat alleviated by a mercy dash to the chiro on Monday night. Luckily I have an awesome chiro who fitted me in.

Went back to work today and am seriously feeling it tonight. The good news is that mum and dad got off to Renmark on Monday afternoon, after some ups and downs. Firstly they have so much stuff (read that as rubbish) that they ended up having to organise another truck. They were meant to be on the road by 12, but the second truck didn't arrive until 1. I ended up booting them out the door at 2.30 and told them I would finish up at the house, would clean all the floors and then lock up.

Do you know how much fun it is to sweep and mop miles of tiled floors when you're in agony? The things you do for family. The other hiccup came in the way of a phone call at about 12 saying that settlement hadn't gone through on their house. You can imagine my dad, absolutely freaking out, said they'd have to stay put, until I reminded him that the first truck was already on the way and they were committed. Not good levels of stress for someone with a heart condition though.

Numerous phone calls and stress later, it turned out that the buyers of mum and dad's house had used a 'quality' banking institution and someone had forgotten to process all of the paperwork. Consequently mum and dad couldn't get the keys for their new place till the Tuesday when settlement finally went through and so they instructed the real estate people that the same thing happen for the people moving into their house.

Mum and dad were fortunate enough that they could stay at my brothers place Monday night, but the family coming from Queensland ended up having to stay in a hotel. They were not happy, but shit happens and it was their stupid bank. Turns out this is a 'very' common occurrence, see I knew there was a reason why I didn't want to move.

Well got the bad news today that the Board probably won't make a decision until the February board meeting, which means the project won't get under way until at least April. Not sure what they're going to do with me. I have about 2 days worth of work and then I'm twiddling my thumbs. It's okay for John and David who have oodles of annual leave, but I only have about 8 days worth of annual leave left, because I had 2 weeks off in May when we went to Bali and I have booked 2 weeks off over Christmas.

Not really sure what is going to happen, they'll either advance me some leave (not likely) give me some shitty jobs to do in the meantime, or worst case scenario they'll put me off. I think with almost 10 years of service and a good track record that I may escape the worst case, but not looking forward to shitty jobs in other departments.

Time will tell I guess, I just wish Christmas would hurry up, then I can spend a blissful week in Renmark doing nothing but relaxing, swimming, reading and writing - my 4 favourite past times.
Well, that's about all my news for now.

Ciao for now, Fi

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