Thursday, December 23, 2010

A better day

If the ladder is not leaning against the right wall, every step we take just gets us to the wrong place faster. Stephen R. Covey

What a miserable sod I sounded last time I wrote, I was just horribly disappointed about the job and wasn't feeling that flash either, but today is another day and I am feeling 100% better. I am doing 'mother duty' at the moment and waiting for 15 year old MM (mere male) to come home, he's due home by midnight, so 10 minutes to go. He's been working flat out, 5 days a week since school got out 5 weeks ago, so today was his last working day before his Christmas break.

Can I do my little dance and say thank you for my first comment on my blog. I know that my family and friends check in now and again - but it's different when a fellow writer makes a comment. Gees I sound tragic don't I, but let me repay the favour and ask you to go on over and check out Tim's blog anyway.

Well MM has just checked in by text message (don't you just love modern technology) and he is now staying at his mates place. Of course I rang him and asked why he'd left it till the last minute to let me know. The next thing I know he's telling me what an awesome Chrissy present he's bought me tonight, this of course was to justify the last minute notice. It's his first Christmas of having his own 'earned' dollars to buy presents, so he's quite excited and obviously was trying to sidestep the issue of not letting me know sooner that he was staying at his friend's house.

Back to yesterday's distress about whether I would have a job when I returned to work in January, my boss rang me again this morning following a meeting with the Managing Director and stated unequivocally that I would have a job when I return, the project will go ahead and we will have plenty to do. I feel like I'm on a roller coaster ride with this project at the moment.

This is of course a huge weight off my shoulders and while I would love to have nothing better to do than spend my days churning out books, the 38 hour week is still required for the moment to pay the bills.

13 year old MM has just come and done a little jig to remind me it's now Christmas Eve (10 minutes into) much to my amusement. I miss the excitement and joy of having toddlers who get excited by Christmas and Santa. I now have a houseful of teenagers and it's just not quite the same, so the jig made me laugh.

Well that's all my news for now. Cheers for now, Fi

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