Sunday, December 26, 2010

Pheww, it's over....

Happiness is being at peace, being with loved ones, being comfortable…but most of all, it’s having those loved ones. Johnny Cash

Another Christmas bites the dust. I had a lovely day with friends and family but I'm glad it's all over for another year, there is just something so tiring about Christmas (and of course it has nothing to do with tearing about to visit everyone or eating mammoth amounts of food)

Christmas morning we started off with unwrapping presents at home, eldest son and his fiance joined us as well which was nice. Kids were all rapt with their presents. Then off to the local pub for Christmas drinks with friends. From there we ventured down to my brother-in-laws house for Christmas lunch with my husband's family. It was hot so the kids took advantage of the addition of the new below ground pool. (I am not envious, much)

Late afternoon and from there we dropped 15 year old MM at a friends place for a party and then headed off to visit friends. Drinks, relaxation and good company is how we ended Christmas Day. Well that's not entirely true. We headed home at about 10 and hubby (with quite a few Christmas drinks under his belt) decided to educate youngest MM on how to cut and bend pipes in the 'Taj Mahal' in the back yard - hubby's almost completed new shed for those who've missed earlier posts.

Was beside myself with laughter at the look on hubby's face when the copper pipe they were bending actually split and began gushing water all through the shed. So Christmas night ended with youngest MM and I watching hubby drag out the oxy and fix the pipe so that we had water to the house. Maybe next time he'll listen to us when we tell him that he should have left the job until today.

I'm all packed and ready to head up the river with the kids tomorrow, am so looking forward to seeing my side of the family. The news today has forecast a temperature of 43c for New Years Eve in Renmark. It's gonna be a scorcher and here I've been whingeing about how summer was never going to arrive, well bang now it's going to arrive with avengeance.

At this stage eldest MM's fiancee may still be joining us for the trip, but I'll see when I pick them up tomorrow. I told her that it wouldn't make much difference if she has her tests and scans this week or the next week, so fingers crossed she'll come with us.

Well, hope you all had an enjoyable and fun Christmas. Hopefully I will check in through the week from Renmark.

Cheers, Fi

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